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Cologne/Köln Deutsche Version
Dierk 's Photo Album - City of Cologne (2)

Cologne Pictures
The City of Cologne
At War
Cologne at war
The Cologne Cathedral
During christmas season
The Cologne Carnival
Cologne before WWII
Postwar decades
Special war
Tank duel at the cathedral
Cathedral tower ascent
WWII Then and Now
1945 meets 2000s
Special Triangle Tower
View of Cologne from the new observation platform

Photo (42 K):
The romanesque church St. Aposteln
Photo (68 K):
Church St. Aposteln, interior view
Photo (42 K):
4711 Eau de Cologne - parent firm

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Photo (106 K)
Photo (121 K)


Photo (140 K):
One of the pedestrian's paradises in Cologne, the "Hohe Strasse"

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Photo (93 K)
Photo (142 K)
Photo (131 K)
Photo (115 K)


Photo (174 K):
The street "Schildergasse", another pedestrian's paradise in Cologne
Photo (196 K):
The shopping center "Weltstadthaus" by Renzo Piano at street "Schildergasse".

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Photo (191 K)
Photo (155 K)
Photo (105 K)
Photo (175 K)


Photo (49 K):
The "Roncalliplatz" next to the Cathedral. In the background the "Römisch-Germanisches Museum", the roman-germanic museum with lots of roman and germanic exhibits
Photo (122 K):
The "Römerturm", an old corner tower of the roman city wall, which had a lenght of 4 km
Photo (207 K):
The "Dionysosmosaik"-mosaic

Photo 1 (195 K)


Photo (64 K):
The "Pobliciusdenkmal" - a roman monument

More photos - roman excavations:
Photo (102 K) Prätorium
Photo (88 K) Prätorium


Photo (41 K):
Another romanesque church in Cologne is St. Kunibert
Photo (60 K):
Church St. Kunibert, interior view
Photo (159 K):
Museum Ludwig next to the cathedral

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Photo (49 K)
Photo (122 K)


Photo (44 K):
The northern riverside between Hohenzollernbrücke and Zoobrücke at night. Well illuminated the romanesque church St. Kunibert
Photo (41 K):
The musical theater next to the central station, radio and TV tower "Colonius" and the high-rise "Köln-Turm" at dusk
Photo (39 K):
The chocolate museum
Photo (36 K):
The bridge looks very modern. But the "Severinsbrücke" was already built in 1959
Photo (75 K):
The Cologne central station at evening
Photo (50 K):
The Cologne central station
Photo (97 K):
The airport Köln/Bonn (Cologne/Bonn)

More airport-photos:
Photo (95 K)
Photo (98 K)


Photo (36 K):
The radio and TV tower, the Cologne people call it "Colonius"
Photo (35 K):
"Kölnarena" - the new multipurpose hall
for about 20,000 visitors
Photo (71 K):
One of the biggest carnival events in Cologne the "Lachende Kölnarena" - laughing Kölnarena
Photo (64 K):
A concert in the "Tanzbrunnen" open air area.
Here 11.000 people visited the cologne a capella group "Wise Guys"
Photo (61 K):
"Rheinenergie-Stadion", the new soccer stadium for about 51,000 visitors
Photo (100 K):
"Rheinenergie-Stadion", interior view

Another photo:
Photo (161 K)


Photo (120 K):
In the summertime many people visit the outdoor swimming pools next to the stadium at the city district "Müngersdorf"
Photo (74 K):
There are a lot of parks and greens in Cologne. This is a lake in the park "Stadtwald" at the city district Lindenthal. The "Stadtwald" is home of a deer park too.

Another photo:
Photo (128 K) Deer park in "Stadtwald"


Photo (75 K):
A sunny december-day at lake "Decksteiner Weiher", a popular beauty spot
Photo (67 K):
The beer garden at lake "Aachener Weiher" near the university. Behind the trees the towers of the Cologne Cathedral

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