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Cologne/Köln Deutsche Version
Dierk 's Photo Album - City of Cologne (3)

Cologne Pictures
The City of Cologne
At War
Cologne at war
The Cologne Cathedral
During christmas season
The Cologne Carnival
Cologne before WWII
Postwar decades
Special war
Tank duel at the cathedral
Cathedral tower ascent
WWII Then and Now
1945 meets 2000s
Special Triangle Tower
View of Cologne from the new observation platform

Photo (146 K):
The historic town hall with 61 m tower (15. century), among other things place for registry office weddings
Photo (97 K):
The tower of the historic town hall
Photo (181 K):
The "Gürzenich", a historic hall for celebrations
Photo (128 K):
Several buildings of one of the big radio and TV-stations in Europe, WDR in Cologne
Photo (117 K):
The Cologne Opera

More photos:
Photo (97 K)
Photo (97 K)


Photo (113 K):
The Wallraf-Richartz-Museum
Photo (145 K):
The new museum of the archbishopric Cologne, Kolumba. Link to the official Kolumba website

Another photo:
Photo (121 K) The ruins of the church St. Kolumba, which was destroyed during WWII, now part of the museum


Photo (143 K):
Cologne zoo
Photo (128 K):
Kölnisches Stadtmuseum - museum of the city of cologne - in a building called "Zeughaus", constructed 1596/1602
Photo (131 K):
Everywhere in the city you will find roman remains, here a roman city wall at street "Komödienstraße" near the cathedral
Photo (153 K):
Cologne autumn. The "Rautenstrauch-Kanal"
at the city district Lindenthal
Photo (72 K):
The "Volksgarten" is a popular park in the southern suburbs

Another photo:
Photo (72 K)


Photo (103 K):
"Fort IV" is is a component of an ancient fortress around Cologne, which was built up by Prussia. 19 buildings in all are still preserved.

Photo (43 K):
At the park "Rheingarten" near Museum Ludwig you can
find this fountain, which is very popular with children
Photo (147 K):
View from the cologne cable railway across the
river rhine at the northern parts of the city, at bottom the park "Rheinpark"

More photos:
Photo (139 K)
Photo (135 K)
Photo (153 K)
Photo (155 K)


Photo (153 K):
Located next to the cable railway station at "Rheinpark" you will find the wellness area "Claudius-Therme"
Photo (54 K):
The church Gross St. Martin and houses
at the square Fischmarkt

Another photo:
Photo (118 K)


Photo (55 K):
Church St. Mariä Himmelfahrt
Photo (87 K):
Inside St. Mariä Himmelfahrt, the largest baroque
church in Cologne
Photo (60 K):
Church St. Ursula
Photo (64 K):
Inside church St. Ursula
Photo (105 K):
The "Eigelsteintor", 13. century

More photos:
Photo (120 K)
Photo (86 K)


Photo (129 K):
The "Media-Park", home of several office buildings and the "Cinedom", a big cinema building in Cologne
Photo (137 K):
The "KölnTurm", located in "Media-Park", with 148,5 meter (incl. antenna 165,48 meter) the largest office building in Cologne.

More photos:
Photo (91 K)
Photo (129 K)


Photo (113 K):
The new "Kranhäuser" (Cranehouses) on the areal of the "Rheinauhafen", which is an old Cologne harbor area.

Another photos:
Photo (116 K)
Photo (141 K)



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