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The escape routes Deutsche Version

The following original pictures are public domain from archives NARA, BPR (Air Forces Group) and originate from various internet sources, pictures from the original movie by Bates and Rosenmann originate also from the version of the original movie on the DVD "1945 - Kriegsende in Köln" published by Hermann Rheindorf.
Here you can see once again the escape routes of the Panther crew in summary form.


Soldier 1 - tank commander
The tank commander climbs out of the turret hatch, falls down headfirst onto the front deck, then jumps down from the front deck.
Later he runs toward the cathedral

Again his route


Soldier 2 - radio operator
The second person leaving the Panther is the radio operator. He climbs out of his hatch, crawls to the rear and falls down headfirst.
Then he runs away in the direction of the street behind the houses one can see on the right side.


Soldier 3 - probably gunner
No escape for this person. The fire seems to burn his torso. He probably was seriously hurt and not able to leave the Panther finally. Probably sinked back into the interior of the Panther when it was hit the second time


Soldier 4 - driver
This soldier climbs out of his hatch and jumps from the Panther. He is running away just behind Soldier 2, the radio operator, in the direction of the street behind the houses on the right side.


Soldier 5 - probably loader
Probably leaving the tank through the loaders hatch at the turret's rear, then running towards the cathedral.


View from the cathedral tower
The escape routes of tank commander, driver, gunner and radio operator:

Route 1: radio operator followed by driver, route 2: tank commander and loader.
The Panther's gun is directed towards the crossing "An den Dominikanern / Marzellenstrasse" where the Pershing stood and where Bates was filming the event.


Tank duel blow-by-blow
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