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Cursor of the Year
The Cursor of the Year 1999 competition is over

There are great prizes for the Cursor
of the Year author and three voters.
Axialis Donated by
Axialis and Dierk
Prize for the Cursor of the Year author:

AX-Cursors 4.5 and
AX-Icons 4.5

The winner:


Vote and win ! Prize for three
voters, choosen by lot:


The winners:

Yoav Erez, Rachael Wise and Omar Shah

All winners will receive a special E-mail soon.
AX-CursorsAxialis AX-Cursors 4.5 is a powerful and easy to use cursor editing and managing program that is ideal for retouching, creating, archiving and distributing cursors. Numerous painting tools. True Color support. Autodesk FLIC file import. Exemplary picture import. Shareware. More info on the Axialis homepage.
AX-IconsAxialis AX-Icons 4.5, the most powerful utility available to create, manage and distribute icons! Create icon libraries, compile them and distribute them as self-executable files. Shareware. More info on the Axialis homepage.
AniChoiceAniChoice, watch your cursor collection, install your cursors simply by drag and drop and let AniChoice exchange your favourite cursors automatically at every regular intervals you want. Minutes, hours, PC starts, days ...

This year a very slim finish. Congratulations for all cursor authors !!
Place   AuthorFilenameVotes %  
1.Tazenrighterictaz.zip273 10,9
2.fReAK!fish3.zip270 10,7
3.Darrell Johnson - homecollection9.zip268 10,7
4.Tony Stanley - home rodeo.zip251 10,0
5.Tony Stanley - hometonys.zip247 9,8
6.Tumi - homegravity.zip240 9,6
7.BruB - homegolf1.zip233 9,3
8.Janet Hagerrugrats.zip212 8,4
 Tumi - home swords.zip 212 8,4
10.Walter Murschitsch - home wcursors.zip166 6,6
11.P. D. R.oldieani.zip141 5,6

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