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CursorXP Plus by Stardock

CursorXP Plus is an exciting cursor software for Win XP and Windows 2000. Here are some features of CursorXP Plus:

  • On-click special effects
  • Cursors colorization
  • Uniform transparency
  • Cursor mirroring
  • Cursor sizing
  • Trail effects
  • Cursor vanish after idle time

These features have to be seen to be believed, they make your desktop into a truly multimedia experience. You can purchase CursorXP plus for Win XP and Windows 2000 by clicking here.

On-click special effects. Enjoy ripple, plasma and explosion effects on left/middle/right click or double click.

Cursors colorization. This let you change the color of the cursors
Here are a couple of screenshots. The first cursor of the sequence is the original one. The other three are obtained with cursor colorization.

"Uniform transparency" options. This let you assign to CursorXP cursors (no matter if they already have per-pixel transparency) an uniform value of transparency. This let you do cool translucent-glass cursors.

"Mirror cursors" option to automatically mirror all cursors right to left. This is especially useful for left-handed as they should find the "mirrored" cursors more confortable.

Cursor sizing. This option let you fine tune the size of the cursors. Especially on shrinking it makes most time cursors as good as if they were designed to that size.

Trail effects. CursorXP Plus has a whole new panel dedicated to cool trail effects.

Cursor vanish after idle time. This option let you auto-hide the cursor after a specified timeout period of inactivity. This is especially useful while watching a movie, typing or reading a document, and you don't want your cursor floating around the desktop.

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