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Cologne/Köln Deutsche Version
Cologne cathedral's south tower ascent

Cologne Pictures
The City of Cologne
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Cologne at war
The Cologne Cathedral
During christmas season
The Cologne Carnival
Cologne before WWII
Postwar decades
Special war
Tank duel at the cathedral
Cathedral tower ascent
WWII Then and Now
1945 meets 2000s
Special Triangle Tower
View of Cologne from the new observation platform

The entrance to the cathedral's south tower is located on its southern side, at square Roncalliplatz


1) The underground entrance


First you have to go downstairs ...


.. and then you go through the cathedral's mighty foundations to the cash desk and there you start the tower ascent. There is no elevator! Price for adults as of August 2015: 4.00 Euro. Exact opening times and prices on the official cathedral website


2) The spiral staircase


The spiral staircase is not very spacious, there's place for two people side by side. There are 532 steps up to the observation deck, about 97 meters. For younger children and people with circulatory problems it's not recommended to ascent. Especially on warm days, you will smell the world's sweat in the spiral staircase.


3) The belfry


At an altitude of about 53 meters, after 291 steps, you will reach the belfry. This is where the St. Petersglocke (St. Peter's bell) hangs, the Cologne people lovingly call it "Dicker Pitter" (thick Peter), for a long time the largest free-swinging church bell in the world. You can hear this bell only a few special holidays such as Easter or Christmas.


The St. Peter's bell has a weight of 24,000 kilograms and has a diameter of 322 cm.


Audition cathedral bells



  all bells ringing

New!!! Animated cursor Petersglocke
Animated cursor for all church bell friends. You can use it as the wait or busy cursor (instead of the hourglass or rotating circle). Download the zip-archives with the *.ani-cursor file here:
Petersglocke.zip, 198 Kb, downloads.

Video: All bells ringing
I have created a video showing all bells of the Cologne cathedral ringing.
Link to the video on youtube is here, duration about 12 min.

Further details about the bells can be found on the official cathedral website


4) The metal staircase


At an altitude of about 70 meters, after 386 steps, you will reach a metal staircase, which leads up to the observation deck.


5) The observation deck


When you reach the observation deck at 97.25 meters, you can look up to the spire, located at a height of 157.31 meters.


The observation deck. Since there were a lot of suicides and objects were thrown down, the deck is completely fenced now.


The observation deck with the fence as you can see it from the ground.


Overlooking the old town around square "Alter Markt", church "Groß St. Martin", town hall tower, bridge "Deutzer Brücke", bridge "Severinsbrücke" and in background bridge "Südbrücke".


View to the northwest city areas. Telecommunications tower, "Köln-Turm", Church St. Gereon.


Look at a sidewalk café near the cathedral.


Look at street "Trankgasse", at the right side parts of the north tower, angel figurines are looking around.


Museum Ludwig.


The spire is accessible only via a ladder outside the tower. In front of the cathedral there's a 1:1 model of the spire. Height 9,50 meters, width 4,60 meters.


Photo from 1881 by Anselm Schmitz showing the north tower after completition, source: Wikipedia


Another great observation deck you will find across the rhine river. It's the Triangle Tower observation deck. You will reach it via bridge Hohenzollernbrücke in about 10 / 15 minutes. There's an elevator which moves up the visitors to the observation deck within a few seconds, to a height of 100 meters. The view is impressive. More information and pictures you will find here


And here two youtube videos showing the ascent:
Weblink to youtube.de:
youtube video - ascent real time
Weblink to youtube.de:
youtube video - ascent

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