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Troubleshooting Deutsche Version

Installation of animated cursors

You have to install animated cursors / cursors in Windows before you can use them. Copy the files to your choice of folder.

I. Older windows versions:

Choose "Start/Settings/Control Panel/Mouse" - continue with III.

II. Vista or Win7:

Start control panel:

Click the windows logo in the bottom left desktop corner, then click "Control Panel".

There are two ways to reach the cursor installation menu using the control panel:

1.) Look for category "Hardware and Sound"

If there's already a "Mouse" menu click on it otherwise click "Hardware and Sound" and it appears the menu "Devices and Printers":

click on "Mouse" there. Continue with III.


2.) Look for category "Appearance and Personalization"

If there's already a "Change desktop background" menu click on it, otherwise click "Appearance and Personalization" and it appears the menu "Personalization":

click on "Change desktop background" there.

On the left side look for "Change mouse pointers:

click "Change mouse pointers". Continue with III.

HINT: in case you have choosen the control panel option "View by: small Icons" or "View by: Large icons", you don't see the categories above. You see only a lot of menu entries with icons there. In that case just click the entry "Mouse":

click "Mouse"

III. Then same handling in all Windows versions:

In the "Mouse Properties" click on the "Pointers" tab.

All Windows versions excepted Win95 know 15 different cursor types, Win95 knows only 14 several pointer types:

Win 95 doesn't know the Link Select cursor (windows and active desktop).

Select a pointer, for example "Normal Select" or "Busy". Double-click on it. Then choose a cursor from your choice of folder. A single click will give you a preview in the bottom left corner. The animation is a little bit slow, but in reality the animated cursors run alot faster. Finally press "Open" and click "OK" to exit and confirm the animated cursor as your cursor.

Tip: Cursor preview

There's a simple way to see a little cursor preview. In Windows Explorer right-click the cursor file and select "Properties" in the appearing shortcut menu.

Another good presentation how to install animated cursors on your windows computer was written by Ron White on groovyPost. Ron is a best-selling author of "How Computers Work".

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