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Dierk's List of Animated Cursors

Dierk's List
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icecool.zip Cursor displaying a milk bottle. For use as the pointer cursor or the working in background cursor. In addition a train cursor.
5 KB. Author: Sharon
icons.zip The animated X File logo.
11 KB. Author: Tinman
icons2.zip Time.ani - a busy cursor, just a simple clock face that has a rotating minute hand. Hand.cur - a pointer for windows95,the end of the finger is set to the upper left corner of the cursor so it will be accurate at pointing like the arrows are.
1 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Mark Clauser
icons3.zip 69 space related desktop icons for Windows 95.
134 KB. Author: Stuart Forbes. Stuart's Homepage
id4.zip A scene based on the movie Independence Day. UFO destroys a city. See id4zip.zip too.
2 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Win Kang. Win's homepage
id4zip.zip Another Independance Day Cursor. UFO destroys a city. See id4.zip too.
4 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Alex Selkowitz
jdcombin.zip Two combine cursors. They look like John Deere combines.
2 KB. Author: Celia Martin / Ben Wagner. Celia's homepage
idcursrs.zip id Games Animated Cursors. Doom, Heretic, Quake, Shrak.
11 KB. Readme. Author: John Gullick. John's homepage

Bill Nolan beavbutt.zip

ieani.zip Two versions of the MS Internet Explorer icon.
7 KB. Author: --==a/c==-- . The author's Homepage.
ike.zip These are the cursors from the authors "Ike" Theme - South Park.
48 KB. Readme. Author: Dave Hartl. Homepage: South Park Underground
ikewreat.zip Ike from South Park in the middle of a wreat.
10 KB. Readme. Author: Dave Hartl. Homepage: South Park Underground
imp.zip Impatience. The fingers of a hand dribbling nervously on the underground.
1 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Igor Clukas. Igor's homepage

16 big red, white and blue cursors, 15 animated and one static, that replace your Windows cursors and allow you to celebrate the fourth of July with with fireworks.
39 KB. Freeware. Author: Laird L Macomber
india.zip Two 'Tilting head' cursors, the way Indians move their head when you are talking, 'nodding affirmative'. You never know if they mean Yes or No.
2 KB. Author: Coen Jeukens
indycur.zip Indiana Jones Cursors. Three 256-colors cursors. Spearhead and Spearhead with Indy's hat beside it (cur), Indy's hat blowing around in the breeze (ani).
10 KB. Readme. Author: Chris Yura. Found by Jonathan B. Boyle.
indycurs.zip Two Indy (Indiana Jones) cursors, part of the author's desktop theme. E-mail the author for the complete theme.
7 KB. Readme. Author: Mateus Dantas de Paula
inhumans.zip Halloween pumpkin. In addition an Inhumans cursor and several icons (marvel comics). Icons in 32, 48, and 64 pixel format - true color.
20 KB. Author: ScoobiDeux.
insane.zip XXXSqueeze Me Animated Cursors. Launcher, two Scudbusters and a Saddam cursor.
9 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Lance Keeble / Derrick Tinsley
inteldnc.zip Intel Techno Dancers. Also known as the Intel Bunny People. These are some cool animated cursors! Three to choose from. Each doing a different dance.
10 KB. Author: Jeffrey Morgan. Jeff's homepage
iu.zip Several Indiana University cursors.
4 KB. Author: Charlie Greer. Homepage
iwacs.zip IshWare cool brown animated cursors v1.0. Animated cursors in brown design for every cursor type Win95 allows.
19 KB. Readme. Shareware. Author: Isaac S. Hall, IshWare

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