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Dierk's List of Animated Cursors

Dierk's List
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Files J

jack.zip Bouncing Jack with transparent nose.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Mitch Maio
jack2.zip Bouncing Jack with b/w nose.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Mitch Maio
jacob3d.zip Three 3D rendered pointer cursors.
99 KB. Author: Jacob.
j_anicur.zip 5 Animated Cursors of this greasy, no-good, lazy, slob.
5 KB. Freeware. Author: Glen Greer. Here's Glen's Home Page
jansons.zip Butthead (Beavis and Butthead) saying 'That was cool', Elvis dancing, fly, Hesle, rotating skull, flying saucer put down a spacecow, Wolvie.
13 KB. Readme. Author: Janson Stone - Janson, please send me your correct E-mail address !
jccursor.zip 2 .ani (prop, watch) and 14 .cur (arrows, mouse, plane, flag, ball, heart...).
8 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Juan C. Pradas-Bergnes
jchan.zip Three cursors, Jackie Chan in Rumble in the Bronx, Jackie Chan in Supercop and Jackie Chan in Police Story 4 (aka. First Strike).
10 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Win Kang
jcoffee.zip Two SP cursors (Cartman), smiley, static bulldog cursor.
2 KB. Author: jcoffee315.
jcursor2.zip 12 .ani (radar, tank, torch, prop, smiley... ) and 8 .cur (mine, mouse, plane, flag...).
34 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Juan C. Pradas-Bergnes
jeanie.zip 4 Jeanie themed cursors. 2 .ani and 2 .cur.
4 KB. Freeware. Author: Althrox
jen.zip Bouncing, barking yorkie terrier. Geo Tracker, the top comes off and someone waves.
3 KB. Readme. Author: Jennifer Saunders
jen2.zip Animaniacs cursors. Here's Yakko & Wakko and Dot.
4 KB. Readme. Author: Jennifer Saunders
jester.zip Joker cursor.
2 KB. Author: ~*~THESPIAN~*~
jet.zip Flying jet, small version - big version see bigjet 1.ani.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Ray Hill
jetpack.zip Jet pack, a collection of some jets, B-2 stealth, A-10, F-117, F-15, harrier, F-16, etc.The icons look the best in 256 color mode.
25 KB. Readme. Author: Pete
jets.zip Animated cursor of the New York Jets logo (NFL).
1 KB. Freeware. Author: David Brenner

Larry Barker police2.zip

jfk.zip Animated cursor of the head shot from the assassination of President Kennedy. It's a bit unpleasant ...
8 KB. Author: Stuart Forbes. Stuart's homepage
jlmani_1.zip Two animated cursors: dripping faucet and flashing red light.
4 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: J Lee Mouser
jmcursor.zip Three cigar related cursors: Several cigar bands. Opening humidor and hand removing a cigar. Cigar cutter clipping the end off a stogie.
3 KB. Author: James McFaddin
joecur1a.zip Two colorful Yin Yang cursors.
9 KB. Readme. Author: Craig Scilagyi
joecurs.zip Joe's Island 3D Cursor Set. 5 ico, 2 cur and 2 ani (turtles).
22 KB. Readme. Author: Giovanni Mari. Giovanni's Homepage.
joecurz1.zip Large collection of 256 color cursors. 33 ani, 15 cur, 1 ico. Spheres and colorfull pointers, text, precision...
104 KB. Readme. Author: Rapuppa
joecurz2.zip Three cool rendered cursors, very good for use as wait or busy cursor.
21 KB. Readme. Author: Rapuppa
joecurz3.zip Three futurist pointer cursors with twirl, wave and ripple effects.
10 KB. Readme. Author: Joe Phillips
johnny.zip A neon-lit arrow cursor that blinks randomly. Another made to go along with neon.ani as a busy cursor. Little spaceship flying in and blasting the Win 95 arrow. Pointer that constantly explodes. Cool little skull flashes his red glowing eyes and spins around. You like them ? Please drop the author a line.
6 KB. Author: Johnny the Deformed Muppet. Johnny's Homepage
johnny2.zip 4 cursors from the creator of tskull.ani (johnny.zip) ... A smiley typed up and winking, a green lava lamp, a cup of coffee and a spinning roll of duct tape.
4 KB. Author: Johnny the Deformed Muppet. Homepage: Johnny's Keen Zine
johnny3.zip Smiley, wait cursor, irritating rod, weird arrow that changes its shape, little guy holding a big pointer and watches you as you work.
5 KB. Readme. Author: Johnny the Bucket Boy. Johnny's Keen Site
joint.zip 2 joint related cursors.
12 KB. Author: Glen Barrett
joint2.zip Tumi's 3D Joint!! Joint related cursor scheme.
99 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Tumi.
jolly.zip This file includes 2 anicursors (pointer, santa), 2 cursors (gift, candy cane) and 17 icons (candy cane, 8 gifts, 5 snowmen, santa, tree, mistletoe).
10 KB. Author: Suzanne
joshcurs.zip Descent-sign, Bucky Badger, Bobafet 1 + 2 , Rossi Rooster, Dark Side of the Moon-signs and a sine wave.
5 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Josh Klun
jrjbeatl.zip Collection of Beatles related cursors.
77 KB. Author: J. R. Jones
justas_2.zip Colored text: "Just a second".
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Hackisac

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