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macboom.zip Exploding Mac Cursor. Cursor displaying a Mac exploding.
2 KB. Author: The Living Dead
macdis_1.zip Spinning beachball (Mac beachball similar).
1 KB. Freeware. Author: StacheHntr
mach.zip Two Speed Racer animated cursors.
2 KB. Author: Fernando Sanchez.
macmouse.zip Some mouse pointers from the Macintosh operating system.
4 KB. Readme. Author: Pablo Ayllon. Found by Adam Paniagua
macwai_1.zip Arrow with spinning beachball (Mac beachball similar).
1 KB. Freeware. Author: StacheHntr
mad.zip Here are a few animated cursors the author made for Mad Magazine fans. One is a Spy vs. Spy .ani, along with a few icons to go with it. Also included is a Don Martin style .ani and a couple of other Mad icons.
16 KB. Author: Frank J. Liess
maggie.zip Animated cursor of Maggie Simpson.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Mugino Saeki
magic.zip 2 animated cursors with a magic wand sending out sparks, one of it also with lightning.
2 KB. Author: bdw
magic2.zip Magician-themed cursor scheme. Rabbits popping out of hats! Includes: magic wand, bunny magicians, and bunnies. Contains modified cursors of other authors. Readme. 20 KB. Author: Jodi Morris
20 KB. Readme. Author: Jodi Morris
magnum.zip Magnum - slips out of an egg. Modern Art cursor. Manchester United cursor.
10 KB. Author: Magnus
main.zip A full cursors scheme of a realistic hand that makes all the cursors in win 95 and 98 with the link cursors.
36 KB. Readme. Author: BruB. Homepage
maleski.zip Four cursors with revolving black respectively grey pentium chips. Two of them with arrow.
6 KB. Freeware. Author: Richard Maleski
mallard.zip Mallard in flight.
1 KB. Author: Takashi Koike
mantwand.zip Magic wand.
2 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Mantis
mani.zip 2 animated cursors. "Winnie the Pooh" and Disney Home Video's "Spot".
7 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Kristy Shanks. Homepage: Kristy's Desktop Creations
mantis_1.zip Magic hat with rabbit turning up, sharpened pencil, bottle pouring out, umbrella, heart coming out of an envelope, toilet paper.
6 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Mantis3000
mantra.zip It's the rotating Mantra of Loveley Eyes, the Bodhisattva of Compasion, (tib.: Chenreisg, skt.: Avalokeshvara). Written with Tibetan letters.
29 KB. Readme. Author: Ingo Ogertschnig.
mariju.zip Marijuana related cursors. Pot leaves, bongs, joints, etc....
44 KB. Author: Sent by Jon..
marilyn.zip Marilyn Monroe-themed cursors. 1 .ani, 7 .cur and 1 ico.
10 KB. Readme. Author: Andreas Koenig
marine.zip United States Marine Corps cursors. One with that shows the Marine Corps ranks, and another that shows the logos of all six Marine divisions. In addition a static cursor of the Marine Corps emblem.
4 KB. Author: LCpl Dale Burger, USMC.
AwardCursor of the Month Mar. 1998
Mario from Super Mario running next to a pointer. So you can use it as standard pointer.
1 KB. Author: Lawrence Lo

Lawrence Lo mario.zip

magazine.zip Gun magazine.
1 KB. Author: ? . Found by Enrique Polanco Abarca.
mario2.zip Big collection of Mario - from the Mario bros. - related cursors.
250 KB. Author: Mario
mario3.zip Big collection of Mario - from the Mario bros. - related icons.
153 KB. Author: Mario
mariopty.zip Mario Party (and N64 game) Icons.
19 KB. Author: Dave Straub.
marsattx.zip Mars Attacks cursor (the movie)
8 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: John Weingartner/Nowhere Man
marsuani.zip Animated cursor of the comic figure Marsupilami.
2 KB. Freeware. Author: Valérie Parmentelot
marvin.zip Marvin the Martian cursors.
14 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Pamela Anne Williams.
masoncur.zip Square and Compass. 2 .cur-files and 1 .ani-file.
2 KB. Freeware. Author: Bill Menees
mature.zip For adults only. Three cursors displaying young women breasts in rhythmical motion. The author: You install the humpin cursor as the "busy" pointer.Then you install the jumpin cursor as the "working in background" pointer.When you load some programs you will see the girl go- oh!,oh!,then it will change to the second cursor,and she will yell -yes!yes!....it looks real cool..:) Don't download if you get offended by sexual animated cursors.
5 KB. Readme. Author: Nowhere Man
mature2.zip For adults only. Young naked woman. Young naked man in action... Don't download if you get offended by sexual animated cursors.
11 KB. Readme. Author: Nowhere Man
maxcur.zip Max from the game 'Sam & Max'.
7 KB. Readme. Author: Pauline
m_busy.zip It's the Marilyn Manson lightning bolt logo, done from scatch.
2 KB. Author: Graham Beaven.
m_cursor.zip BMW cursors.
37 KB. Author: Michael Wendell. Homepage
mcicon.zip McIcon and McCursor. Hong Kong Pigs called McMug and McDull.
5 KB. Readme. CharitiWare. Author: Simon Ho. Simon's Homepage
mcmugcur.zip Complete cursors scheme displaying the pig McMug. 15 cur, 2 ani.
17 KB. Author: Randy Yeung. Homepage: McMug Desktop Enhancements
mcsnake.zip A 256-colors arrow that looks and moves like a little snake.
3 KB. Author: Fottifoh, a.k.a Alessandro. Homepage
mcwest.zip McWest Formula 1 cursor.
2 KB. Author: Jeff Louie and friend
medical.zip Medical cursors. There's the old scalpel, a couple of castcutters, a drip doing what it is supposed to do: dripping, and two heartmonitors (one of which is rather pessimistic, but it reflects the state of your computer when it is "busy").
8 KB. Author: Guinness. Visit his homepage
megaman.zip 14 Megaman cursors.
13 KB. Author: Sander Zijlmans
megaman2.zip Megaman cursor.
5 KB. Author: Mitch.
megamice.zip Cursor scheme for partially sighted persons. The author has created some cursors which occupy an area larger than the standard 32x32.
12 KB. Author: Keith Williams.
melpoi.zip Cool rendered cursors: several melting pointers.
25 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Laith Renno. Laith's Homepage

15 animated and 1 static gray cursors that replace all of your Windows pointers in celebration of Memorial Day. It began as a memorial for Civil War veterans and has become both a National Decoration Day of family graves and the holiday that opens the summer season. It's the last Monday in May.
30 KB. Freeware. Author: Laird L Macomber
mercedes.zip Three cursors displaying the Mercedes Benz star.
20 KB. Freeware. Author: Dierk Luerbke
mercury.zip This cursor is of Sailor Mercury / Amy Anderson from the animated series Sailor Moon. This is a cursor of Amy transforming into Sailor Mercury and back.
3 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Morpheus Five. Here's the FifthDream homepage
merlin.zip 'You are getting sleepy' eye. Merlin, the wizard.
5 KB. Author: Mary Carey
message.zip Message board with the text "click here".
1 KB. Author: The Cool Men
met.zip Two Metallica cursors.
3 KB. Author: Prashanth
metalli2.zip Several cursors of the band Metallica.
163 KB. Author: Prashanth.
metalli3.zip Cursor of the Metallica band members.
3 KB. Author: Tom Wcislo.
metallic.zip Tumi's 3D Metallic!! Here is yet another set of Windows 95/98 animated cursors. But these cursors look like they were made of steel, reflecting as they spin and move. They are all smoothly animated and in true color.
81 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Tumi.
metskul.zip Tow silver skull cursors.
19 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Laith Renno. Laith's Homepage
mexican.zip A spinning mexican hat, after that two eggs appear and a bird is hatching out and it turns to be a mexican.
12 KB. Author: Tal Tadaaki Harada
AwardCursor of the Month Sep. 1998
It's a cursor of a fat guy that eats too much and then throws up all over you.
5 KB. Author: Mark Foster
mf_robot.zip Robotic themed anicursors. Two wait/busy, one pointer cursors.
4 KB. Author: Mark Foster.
mgacur.zip Atom pointer. Animated roadway. Green turtle with moving feet. Rotating "No" sign.
28 KB. Freeware. Author: Mark Gamber
mickeyms.zip Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse has 2 anicursors, 1 static cursor, and 8 icons.
20 KB. Readme. Author: Suzanne
microcat.zip Cat bursts in a microwave oven. Animal maltreater which prefer poodles see poodle.zip too.
7 KB. Freeware. Author: GageMakr
middle.zip Another version of the middle-finger-cursor, the Author worked the Microsoft hand cursor.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: YardApe.
midevil.zip Set of middle age weapons. 11 .cur (axes, shields, staffs..) and 8 .ani (shield, magic mace, several swords) files.
9 KB. Readme. Author: Garrett C. Stein
mike.zip Plane crash, smiley face burned with iron, flamingo's head cut off.
6 KB. Author: Mike Vesel
mikesleg.zip Here's the story of Mike who broke his leg after a chip pan fire.
3 KB. Author: stu
mikew.zip Alien, smoking smiley.
1 KB. Author: mikew.
mil.zip Military-themed cursor scheme. Includes: submarine, tank, cannon,and a peace sign for unavailable, etc. Contains modified cursors of other authors.
22 KB. Readme. Author: Jodi Morris
mina.zip Young lady, scantily dressed. For use as busy or wait cursor.
32 KB. Author: Juan 'FURY' T.
mine.zip Arrow kills Kenny from SP.
3 KB. Author: Eric
mini_cpu.zip Computer Mini Tower Animated Mouse Cursor.
1 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Beaudoin 5
minitour.zip This 256-colors animated cursor is a miniature tour of some of the world's famous locations. Pyramids, Dome of Rock, Parthenon, Mt. Fuji, Arc de TRiomphe, Mt. Rushmore, Colosseum.
47 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Luisa Arevalo Klose. Luisa's homepage
minnie.zip Walt Disney's Minnie has 3 cursors and 8 icons.
17 KB. Readme. Author: Suzanne
misbach.zip Juggle Mania. 3 colored juggle balls are flying through the air. 2 cursors.
4 KB. Author: Matthew A. Misbach
misc.zip Skier, Robocop, Spiderman, bug, gun, Playboy logo, longhorn, Batman logo, gene, smoking skull, laughing skull.
24 KB. Author: Prashanth.
miscur.zip Large collection of cursors. Shiney red gem in small black triangle. Lots of smooth flashing red and blue pointers, atomic symbol, squish ball, pumping heart, rotating pyramid, UFO cursor, sapphire ring, X-Files cursor.
66 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Laith Renno. Laith's Homepage
missile.zip Animated cursor of a flying missile.
1 KB. Author: ?
missmove.zip Stretching red unavailable sign.
2 KB. Author: ?
mixcur.zip Collection of 48 ani and 7 cur. Crow and Tom Servo from mystery Science Theater 3000, Marvin the Martian, snakes, planes, bubbles, racing cars, TriDot's and more. Every theme has three cursors.
42 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Keith Hicks
mj.zip Collection of Michael Jordan cursors.
568 KB. Author: Prashanth.
mjtribut.zip Tribute to Michael Jordan. Large collection.
569 KB. Readme. Author: Prashanth
mk3koin.zip Mortal Kombat Medallion Animated Mouse Cursor.
4 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Beaudoin 5
mkani.zip This file contains two children's animated cursors: Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy the Little Green Engine.
4 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Kristy Shanks. Homepage: Kristy's Desktop Creations
mmanim.zip Marilyn Manson animated cursor.
6 KB. Readme. Author: Jason Cooper. Jason's homepage


mmsalute.zip Marilyn Manson saluting.
3 KB. Author: Kate deLempicka
modemcur.zip USRobotics Courier 33.6 modem. Two cursors, front view and top view .
3 KB. Readme. Author: Blably, ICONStructions Inc.. The homepage
modern.zip Cool rendered cursors: metal cross, atomic cube, two spinning cones.
38 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Laith Renno. Laith's Homepage
mojo.zip Animated hourglass cursor.
2 KB. Author: MoJo.
molecule.exe 'Molecule Cursors', 5 animated cursors displaying spinning molecules. 'Guru icons', three icons of Hoffman, Leary and Hefter.
56 KB. Readme. Shareware. Author: Cyberhack
moltar.zip Cursor: Cartman from South Park eats a poof. Icon: Kenny looking over his grave.
2 KB. Author: MolTar
mona.zip Nick's Mona Lisa Animated Cursor. 256-color-cursor. Mona Lisa blinks with her right eye.
1 KB. Readme. Public Domain. Author: Nick B.
monastery.zip Tumi's 3D Monastery Cursor Set. The set is both in gold and metallic - choose your favorite color and be immersed in a religious paradise. Several cross cursors, fish sign, monstrance ...
734 KB. Readme. Author: Tumi.
monkey.zip Some Son Goku / Monkey Cursors. 3 ani, 2 cur-files.
4 KB. Author: Christopher Hood
monsters.zip Here are some icons the author made gased on classic horror and sci-fi films. Only ico files, no animated cursors included.
60 KB. Author: santadog
moody.zip Cursor designed from the logo of the rock band The Moody Blues.
3 KB. Author: Bill Bevil.
moon.zip Radar. 256 color cursor: phases of the Moon - very cool.
5 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Stuart Forbes. Stuart's Homepage
moonrise.zip Sunrise and sundown followed by moonrise and moonset followed by sunrise and.....
2 KB. Author: ?
morcur.zip Arrow made of blocks, animated hand, magnifying glass theme, phaser, 3D triangle pointer, rotating cone... .21 .cur and 27 .ani-files.
27 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Keith Hicks
morecool.zip MTV sign, Jessica Rabbit, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry and other famous comic figures.
11 KB. Readme. Author: Mike Albanese
morph.zip X Files Cursor. It morphs from an X into an alien's face.
1 KB. Readme. Author: Kristina. Here's the homepage
morrismr.zip Rotating Morris Minor car, 2 versions - one with pointer (working in background), one without (busy). Also, Morris Minor icons for desktop.
7 KB. Author: Richard Hobbis. Richard's homepage
moskito.zip Mosquito bites into the skin.
1 KB. Author: Bernhard Stumpf / Alex Konzelmann

Watch Mother gleefully accept and then angrily relinquish her Mother's day gift. 3 static and 16 animated cursors replace your Windows Pointers. While many countries celebrate Mother's Day (Muttertag) on other days, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and the U.S. celebrate it on the second Sunday in May.
36 KB. Freeware. Author: Laird L Macomber
motion.zip Large collection of 43 animated cursors.
43 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Shattered Rose Studio's
motobike.zip Cursor the author made of a motorcycle.
2 KB. Author: Wally Warwick
motorcyc.zip Animated cursor of a motorcycle wreck. Motorcyclist crashes into a barrier.
2 KB. Author: Win Kang
mouse.zip Complete cursor scheme displaying a little mouse eating cheese.
10 KB. Author: Lynne
mouse2.zip A running mouse.
1 KB. Author: Sion Roberts. Homepage
mousfire.zip She's on fire ! - the mouse from Dierk's Utilities page catching fire ...
2 KB. Author: Fred.
movie1.zip The Weekly Movie-cursor. A man is followed by a car, saves himself with a jump and the car explodes.
3 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: David LaBrie
movies.zip 10 animated cursors from movies which came out summer 1996 in the U.S.: The Rock, The Eraser, Twister, Cableguy, Dragon Heart, Eddie, The Arrival and more. Matt takes requests for future cursors, see readme.
16 KB. Readme. Author: Matt Klepac
mrbean.zip The one and only Mr.Bean! 1 anicursor, 2 cursors, 1 icon.
5 KB. Readme. Author: Mr. Fame. His homepage
mrfame.zip Mr.Fame's Star Wars Collection I, R2D2, 3PO, Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Jaba, Lightsavers, more to come! In addition two Godzilla cursors.
32 KB. Readme. Author: Mr. Fame. His homepage
mrfame2.zip Star Wars Collection Wave II includes Leia, Luke, Obi-wan, Millenium Falcon, At-St and more!
25 KB. Readme. Author: Mr. Fame. His homepage
mrgizmo.zip Mr. Gizmo Cursor Collection Ver. 1.0. 11 animated Mr. Gizmo cursors. Mr. Gizmo is the busy animated cursor who does it all, equipped with all the proper cursor appendages to accomplish any desktop task.
17 KB. Readme. Author: Robert L. Hicks - AKCENTS Informologies. Here's the Homepage
mst3kani.zip Four 256-color MST3k-themed cursors. New exploding Tom, Crow losing his eyes, SOL in Orbit and Mike and Bots ARE pure energy.
8 KB. Author: John Costik
mtdew.zip Rotating Mountain Dew Can.
2 KB. Freeware. Author: Douglas Crews
mtlycrue.zip This Motley Crue set contains 1 anicursor and 10 icons.
23 KB. Readme. Author: Suzanne
mus.zip Let these cursors sign and dance across your screen. Includes: drums, instruments, dancers, etc. Contains modified cursors of other authors.
19 KB. Readme. Author: Jodi Morris
music2.zip Music related cursors the author collected for a special request. Metronom, trombone (created by Guinness). Violin, musical notation, saxophone, high-hat from other authors. In addition a reel.
6 KB. Author: Guinness^ and other authors.
musical.zip Sweet animated cursor set, music related 3D rendered cursors, such as guitar, drum, note, concertina, clef, speaker, flute, trumpet ...
232 KB. Readme. Author: Pankaj Arora Software.
musician.zip 6 very nice cursors. Drummer, violin player (2), violoncelist, guitarist, pianist.
10 KB. Author: Andrey aka Pushkin.
mutant.zip Spaceship opens fire at mutant alien space fiends.
1 KB. Author: bdw
mycom_v1.zip "My Computer!," Version 1.0. Includes detailed renderings of an animated Gravis joystick, animated computer & keyboard, animated Internet virus, a 4 megabyte dram chip, a computer diskette, the Windows logo, Logitech Scanman and a parallel port cable. 15 cursors in total, 4 of which are animated.
1 KB. Readme. Shareware. Author: Franjo Goluza. Homepage: Animated Cursor Schemes for Windows '95!
mycur.zip 2 faces - 1 animated, 2 rainbow cur - 1 animated.
2 KB. Author: Rachel Baxter. Rachel's Homepage
mycurs2.zip Flashing Cursors. Collection of colorful flashing standard cursors - text, not available, wait... Little Goomba, Spiny and Koopa Troopa from Super Mario World. In addition 33 cur files.
16 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Randy Blazer
mycurs.zip MYST-Animated Cursor. The single letters M,Y,S and T rotating one after the other.
3 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Chris Miner
mywhee_1.zip The author's truck.
3 KB. Freeware. Author: Sandy Olson

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