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Dierk's List of Animated Cursors

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Files S (1)

s10blaze.zip A basic animation of the authors 1986 Chevrolet S 10 Blazer.
2 KB. Author: Jeffrey Edwards
sabers.zip Star Wars: Light Saber animated cursor + 1 .cur.
2 KB. Readme. Author: Richard Spence
sabfight.zip This is a lightsaber duel taken from the STAR WARS episode 1 trailer.
130 KB. Author: Dreco.
sabsnort.zip Here is an anicursor of the Buffalo Sabres logo. The author: it's the home team of none other than the best goalie in the world ! The Dominator !
1 KB. Author: Randy
sachiel.zip The author made this cursor from a widely-used picture on the web, from the aclaimed series, Neon Genesis Evangelion...
4 KB. Author: Neil Cato.
sadistic.zip Some of the most disgusting animated cursors on the net - but it's not for the little net'sters out there cause these are rated G - for gorry as hell.
26 KB. Readme. Author: Dan Steinman
sailmoon.zip Collection of 17 Sailor Moon animated cursors. Sailor Moon's communication device,disguise pen, locket, sceptre... Sailor Jupiters wand. Tuxedo Mask's Tophat and many more.
26 KB. Author: Steve Sicherman
saitoh.zip Hajime Saitoh.
27 KB. Author: Shinomori Rei. Homepage
sandra.zip 10 funny cursors. A man eats and eats and bursts finally. Nikolaus takes off like a rocket. A little mouse is eating cheese. Among other things a pig, a crocodile and Tarzan. And the No-Tits-Please!-Cursor.
35 KB. Freeware. Author: Sandra Oppermann
santac.zip Santa (2 versions) and skating snowman
8 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: John Weingartner/Nowhere Man
sarahico.zip 6 nice animated cursors of Sarah Michelle Gellar, 1 from her movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer".
199 KB. Author: Joshua. Homepage
savetw.zip Save the World cursors, globe, skull.
130 KB. Author: Leonard Palacios.
saw256v1.zip Collection of 19 animated 256-Color cursors. Swaying Corel balloon, blinking eye, turning pages in a book, Flying Dove, flying F-16 jet fighter, flipping green M&M, beating heart, hourglass with the sand grains colorized, gold pocketwatch with moving hand, shuffling deck of cards....In addition 9 .cur and some .ico.
72 KB. Readme. Author: Scott A. Wagner. Scott's Homepage
sc.zip Holiday-themed cursor scheme. Tired of where you are? Leave home without leaving your seat. Includes: visiting the beach, watching the sun rise and set. Contains modified cursors of other authors.
21 KB. Readme. Author: Jodi Morris. . Jodi's Homepage
scarlet6.zip Spiderman 'flying' around a building.
6 KB. Author: Guilherme Sauerbronn Jacinto
sciencec.zip Science related cursors. Electric ladder, lighting ball, nuclear bomb, flask.
3 KB. Readme. Author: Tyler Brown. Tyler's Homepage
scifi.zip Beaker, scientific clock, circuit panel, acessing sign.
5 KB. Freeware. Author: Allen Bond
sclaus.zip Animated cursor of Santa waving.
2 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Luisa Arevalo Klose. Luisa's homepage
scoobydo.zip Diane is a big Scooby Doo fan and took hours for surfing on the net for collecting this Scooby Doo cursors and icons from Allen Bond and unknown authors.
11 KB. Author: Several. Sent by Diane.
scoodeux.zip Several Keroppi cursors, Scooby Doo cursors, Batz Maru, Bert from Sesame Street, dancing red jacket, dancing potleaf with eyes.
17 KB. Author: ScoobiDeux.
scope.zip Electronic oscilliscope.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Michael Babcock
scottcrs.zip Arrow with a wiggling tail, 2 grandfather clocks, Scott waves his arms, a smiley face pokes out its tongue, arrow with swaying question mark.
3 KB. Author: Scott Hammack
scottvf.zip Two cursors, blue loading, pointer filling with blue color.
3 KB. Author: Scott VanFossen.
scotflag.zip It's a Scottish flag!
2 KB. Readme. Author: Iain 'Oli' Ollerenshaw. Oli's homepage
scpointr.zip Star Craft cursors.
17 KB. Author: ? - Sent by Wesley.
scu.zip A stone cold steve austin cursor.
1 KB. Author: Prashanth.
scuba.zip 2 anicursors (diver and snorkel) and 2 icons. Needs "High Color (16 bit)" color setting.
7 KB. Readme. Author: Suzanne
seyia.zip 2 Anis of Saint Seyia
5 KB. Author: ? . Sent in by MB-Jam
selma.zip Smokin' Selma (The Simpsons).
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Mugino Saeki
sennacur.zip The Senna Animated Cursor for Windows 95 (Formula One-Driver).
2 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Farzad Bakhtiar
sesamest.zip Several Sesame Street cursors. Bert, Ernie, Oscar, Kermit, Grover, Cookiemonster, Elmo, Bigbird.
10 KB. Author: Yuki.
sexy.zip For adults only. Young lady presents her nude bottom. Don't download if you get offended by sexual animated cursors.
4 KB. Author: Bill Nolan
sexyani9.zip 6 animated cursors of Sandra Bullock, Laetitia Casta, Daisy Fuentes ...
38 KB. Readme. Author: Lionel.
sexyani10.zip 6 animated cursors of Yasmeen Bleeth, Lara Croft, Gena Lee Nolin, Lisa-Marie Scott, Vandela, Liz Hurley
87 KB. Readme. Author: Lionel.
sexyani11.zip 6 animated cursors of Gena Lee Nolin, Lara Croft, Pamela Anderson, Tiffany Amber thiesen, Sandra Bullock ...
65 KB. Readme. Author: Lionel.
sexyani12.zip 6 animated cursors of Cameron Diaz, Liz Hurley, Julia Roberts ...
77 KB. Readme. Author: Lionel.
sexyani13.zip 6 animated cursors of Elle Mc Pherson, Jenny Mc Carthy, Liz Hurley, Pamela Anderson, Spice Girls, Cameron Diaz ...
102 KB. Readme. Author: Lionel.
sexyani14.zip 6 animated cursors of Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Geri Halliwell, Jenny Mc Carthy, Pamela Anderson ...
132 KB. Readme. Author: Lionel.
sexyani19.zip For adults only. Cursors of Erica Eleniak, Pamela Anderson, Sharon Stone, Anna NSmith, Demi Moore. Don't download if you get offended by sexual animated cursors.
160 KB. Readme. Author: Lionel.
sexyani20.zip For adults only. Cursors of Vanessa Demouy, Cindy, Shirley Manson, Pamela Anderson, Mariah Carrey. Don't download if you get offended by sexual animated cursors.
141 KB. Readme. Author: Lionel.
sfcursor.zip Starfleet cursors. .ani and .cur-files. Starfleet Seal, rotating Galaxy Class Starship, Phaser that fires, Tricoders...
13 KB. Freeware. Author: R1B1
sgate.zip Stargate (as the film) opening, then a devil exits and destroys all.
5 KB. Readme. Author: MB-Jam
sgold10.zip Solid Gold Theme Animated Cursors Ver.1.0. Gold/silver ball, golden ball, golden bearings, gold colored standard cursors.
17 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Allen Bond. Allen's online portfolio
shadow.zip 3D gold move arrows, sizer, precis, wagtail, textcursor with shadow.
11 KB. Author: Juergen Scharfy
shakin.zip For adults only. 2 cursors, shakin4.ani and cumtit2.ani. See author's file beach.zip too. Don't download if you get offended by sexual animated cursors.
3 KB. Author: John
shanis_2.zip 7 animated cursors. The 3-Ball Billard Game, Wait Metal Plate , Rainbow Arrow and several up/down, left/right... sizing cursors.
9 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Stefan Hauschildt
shazam.zip Captain Marvel Animated Cursor for Windows 95. Tired of the Hourglass flashing as you're waiting for a program to load. Check out this Captain Marvel animated cursor and watch Billy change into Cap and back again!
4 KB. Author: Walt Grogan
sheep.zip Static cursor of the sheep from the program Esheep. Yellow Labrador. Weird Multicolor Flashy pointer with weird handle.
4 KB. Author: John Rosalia
sheepcur.zip Sheep. Just sheep. Eating and flipping.
3 KB. Author: the Kemical Boy
shepherd.zip German Shepherd, fist sitting then standing and facing the other way turning his head back & forth.
3 KB. Author: Celia Martin / Fumie Sato (original). Fumies homepage. Celia's homepage
sherman.zip Two cursors displaying a Sherman tank.
5 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: John Weingartner/Nowhere Man
shimmer.zip Several standard cursors with shimmer effects, rotatings lens e.g.
10 KB. Author: Daniel Pickett.
shinchan.zip Shinchan is a cute little face that can be used as a waiting icon. He likes to change his mood often, as you will see.
2 KB. Readme. Public Domain. Author: atlfreek
shobal.zip Rainbow rods and shock balls.
19 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Laith Renno. Laith's Homepage
shocker.zip The author says: don't download if you aren't 18 ! Animated hand flashes you a middle finger and a 'shocker'.
1 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Mike Pasquale. Mike's homepage
shop.zip Two cursors: milling machine and lathe.
2 KB. Author: Donald A. Herman. Donald's homepage, home of the Original Animated Desktop Icons.
shotcloc.zip Animated cursor of a shot clock, decimals past 0.
2 KB. Author: Chris Wells
shrink.zip Shrinker Animated Cursor Set. Complete cursor scheme where the cursors are showing negative color effect.
7 KB. Readme. Author: Levi J. Burtner
shutland.zip Cursor pictures the Shuttle landing.
4 KB. Author: Louis Tremblay
shuttle.zip Nasa sign and Shuttle launch alternately.
9 KB. Freeware. Author: William Webster-Garman
shuttle2.zip The "Space Shuttle Animated Cursor". Shuttle launch.
3 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Matt Miller

Dierk danicur2.exe

silchair.zip Pictures of the band Silverchair flashing.
15 KB. Author: Allie L.. Homepage
simplecu.zip Simple Cursor Theme 1.0. Complete cursor scheme, inspired by the scheme of Copland's icon set entitled 'Simple'.
16 KB. Readme. Author: Allen Bond. Allen's online portfolio
simps.zip Almost a little movie: Barney Simpson killed by a car.
4 KB. Author: Mark Feldman
simpsons.zip Large collection of very good The Simpsons cursors and icons.
37 KB. Author: Andreas Koenig.
sion.zip Sion's small collection of cursors
24 KB. Author: Sion Roberts. Homepage
sion2.zip Snake - comic style. D.I.Y - saw and hammer.
3 KB. Author: Sion Roberts. Homepage
skate1.zip Inline Skater. Static cursor.
1 KB. Author: Jon. Jon's homepage
sksiluvu.zip SKS cursor. It's not a great file, but it is fairly decent. It could work for people who are interested in the snow mobiles. It was really created for a person with those initials.
1 KB. Author: Sent by Patricia McCann
skull.zip Skull related cursor and icon collection.
5 KB. Author: x
skullbox.zip Rotating box with Doom skulls on the lateral surfaces.
2 KB. Author: Ryan Green
skullclk.zip A rotating skull (256 colors), a cursor that turns the screen inverse (cool !!), and a ball that shrinks, grows and changes color.
10 KB. Author: Derek van't Wout
skullt.zip Rotating golden skull.
21 KB. Author: Kishor Hirani. Homepage
sky.zip Sky-themed cursor scheme. Fly the Friendly Skies. Take a plane ride or fly a helicopter. Includes: helicopters, planes, dirigibles. Contains modified cursors of other authors.
25 KB. Readme. Author: Jodi Morris
sky2.zip This file has 3 anicursors (Saturn with a moon,a "cute" sun and a changing star), 2 cursors (jupiter and a "cute" star), and 18 icons (11 planet icons, 3 sun icons, nebula, moon, eclipse, and "cute" star). (P.S. most of these cursors are best viewed when used with the "High Color (16 bit)" color setting.)
27 KB. Author: Suzanne
slap_v10.zip Slapshot! is an animated cursor scheme for Windows '95. Includes detailed renderings of hockey sticks, goalie masks, an animated spinning puck, a goalie stick, a net, a referee, an ice rink, an ice skate and an animated goal light.
11 KB. Readme. Shareware. Author: Gary Perez/Pacific Quillworks
slepsnai.zip A cool snail sleeping.
1 KB. Author: mozarto. Mozarto's homepage
slurie.zip A plate spinning with a Bulge. Duke 3d symbol. Spinning silver thing. Earth globe.
16 KB. Readme. Author: Neil White
smacrs1.zip SumAnimatedCursors Volume 1. A collection of animated cursors by CRD Software. Left and right handed versions are included. Popcorn maker, monitor, syringe, rotating Windows logo, rotating hour glass with a blue ball bouncing around it, several pointers.
14 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Charles Davis/CRD Software
smacrs2.zip SumAnimatedCursors Volume 2. A collection of animated cursors by CRD Software. Left and right handed versions are included. Burning pointer, the flashy cursor on caffeine, hollow cursor, KERA is the Devil (inspired by Chris Earls' tagline), moving pointer, the pee and poop toilet.
18 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Charles Davis/CRD Software
smacrs3.zip SumAnimatedCursors Volume 3. A collection of animated cursors by CRD Software. Left and right handed versions are included. Color Wheel, Circle in a Second, Electrified CPU, Hard Disk, Thermometer, Lazarus Star, Pink Panther, Prism, Static TV, Rotating Not Sign, Macintosh Wait, Windows Logo with Rotating Colors, Text 'Please Wait', Text 'I'm Busy'.
15 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Charles Davis/CRD Software
smile.zip Two Smiley Face Cursors.
2 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Brian Thomas
smiles.zip Smiley face that turns into a vampire, then turns back and winks at you.
1 KB. Author: Brandon Craig
smiley.zip Another variation of a smiley face.
2 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Matt Siegel
smiley2.zip You hate Smileys ? Here's your cursor: a smiley is shot.
1 KB. Author: Andrew Wenzl
smiley3.zip Smiley animated cursor.
1 KB. Author: Leon Britz
smiley4.zip Animated cursor of a smiley face.
2 KB. Author: Eric Foster
smiley5.zip 48x48 pixel smiley cursor, several Starcraft signs, orb cursor.
3 KB. Author: Sengbar.
smiley6.zip Three smiley cursors. 1 static, 2 animated (for working in background, first just spins, the second is for busy, and spins with a negative flipside).
2 KB. Author: Ben Prestney.
smilly_1.zip Smiley pull faces.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Lee B.
smoke.zip Figure smoking a cigar. Cigar-lovers see afcursor.zip too.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Hey Bauman
smoking.zip Smoking cigarette.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Tsumaranai
snake.zip The cursor is an animated snake wait cursor, it flickers it's tongue and rattles it's tail.
5 KB. Author: Matt. Jellofish's Home Page
snoopani.zip Snoopy Animated Cursor Collection for Windows 95 - Vol. I. Snoopy standing, wearing the "Joe Cool" sunglasses and wagging his tail. Snoopy as the "World War I Flying Ace". Snoopy as the romance writer, sitting at the top of his doghouse, typing at his typewriter. Snoopy sleeping on top of his doghouse.
4 KB. Readme. Author: Henrique "Snoopy" Vianna
snoopy02.zip Snoopy is running around while Woodstock flies around him.
2 KB. Author: ?
snop1.zip Snoopy with airman's cap and scarf moving through the screen.
2 KB. Author: Andrew S. Quinn
snowchoo.zip Snowman with a cold. Rotating sword.
7 KB. Author: Arnold G. Rickert
snowmen.zip Three animated snowman cursors.
6 KB. Author: Cindy Emerson. Cindy's homepage
snw.zip Snow-themed cursor scheme. The weather outside is frightful. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Includes: snowmen, snowglobe, and all types of flaky weather conditions. Contains modified cursors of other authors.
21 KB. Readme. Author: Jodi Morris
soaring.zip Soaring sailplane nearby a cumulus-cloud.
2 KB. Author: Warren
soccer.zip 6 cursors, including France 98 cursor and Sensible World of Soccer cursor.
6 KB. Author: JoyJunior. His homepage
sodapop.zip 7 animated clown cursors, 4 clown cursors, 6 clown icons... all original creations by Soda Pop the Clown. Cool !
24 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Rick Struve (Soda Pop the Clown). Homepage: Soda Pop's Fun House
soho.zip Animated cursor from NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). It shows the sun, and if you look closely, two comets in the bottom right hand area crash into the sun. This footage is from the 1st and 2nd of June 1998.
4 KB. Author: Stuart Forbes. Stuart's homepage
sonicani.zip Sonic the Hedgehog Animated Cursors 2.0. Two nice 256 colour cursors. Background and Busy.
5 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Andrew J. Watts
soul.zip Heres a good skating cursor for all the extreme skaters around - Soul Grind.
1 KB. Author: JK

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