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Dierk's List of Animated Cursors

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tabi.zip Tabi'z Downloadable Cursors, Iconz & Fontz! 5 large red cursors for Windows, designed to replace the normal select, text, busy, help select and move pointers, 2 cursors based on a jungle theme: a plant pointer and a cute little cartoon green snake who wags his tail up and down. 1 multi-coloured cursor for normal select. Cursor which resembles an explosion.
4 KB. Author: Tabi'z Freestuff Company.
tacobel2.zip Taco Bell set, 3 static, 7 animated cursors.
56 KB. Readme. Author: BruB. BruB's homepage
tacobell.zip Taco Bell Cursor Set. Collection of 10 cur and 1 ani. Some cheese tomato-, hot sauce-, lettuce tomato-, cheese lettuce-.... cursors.
5 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Ben Ransford
tacursrs.zip Total Annihilation Cursor Set. All the cursors used in the game (build, reclaim, attack, guard, etc.) , matches function, movement and look of actual game cursors, geared toward the main/normal select cursor, optimized for white and black backgrounds.
24 KB. Readme. Author: Iroc. Iroc's TA homepage
tadaaki1.zip Three psychedelic pointer cursors.
15 KB. Author: Tal Tadaaki Harada.
takeaprt.zip A take apart man.
5 KB. Author: Justin Smalley
tamacur.zip Tamagotchi Animated Cursor. 256 color.
5 KB. Readme. Author: Blably, ICONStructions Inc.. The homepage
tamago.zip Tamagotch Animated Cursors.
15 KB. Readme. Author: Yoshiaki Toyoshima. Yoshiaki's Homepage
tambor.zip Blue drum with yellow drumsticks.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Nick Good
tancur.zip Animated cursors from the game Quake: a spinning quad damage icon, a spinning pentagon protection icon and a spinning ring of shadows / nail icon. See quakeani.zip too.
5 KB. Author: David M Tan
tardis.zip TARDIS Animated Icon.
1 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: The Umpteenth Doctor
tardis2.zip One animated cursor of the Tardis spinning from Doctor Who.
3 KB. Author: Patrick David Reinhart. Homepage
tardis30.zip "TARDIS In Transit", representing the TARDIS rotating in flight from Doctor Who.
3 KB. Readme. Author: Marc Olson - CYBERLEADER@msn.com
tawnia.zip Smiley blinking, beach scene at night - moonlight glitters on the waves.
1 KB. Author: Tawnia Barker.
taz.zip The two Tazmanian Devils, Taz, from Win Kang's group21.zip now with little arrows for use as standard cursor - as requested.
6 KB. Readme. Author: Win Kang / Dierk Luerbke
taz2.zip Another cursor of the Tazmanian Devil, the Looney Tune cartoon character.
2 KB. Author: Michel Desrosiers.
AwardCursor of the Month Dec. 1997
Animated cursor displaying the Tazmanian Devil (cartoon).
3 KB. Author: Joe
teams.zip Cursors displaying the logos of the NBA teams '99.
65 KB. Author: Prashanth.
teeth.zip Cursor displaying chattering dentures.
9 KB. Author: Freak!.
teletub2.zip Yes! The now popular Teletubbies: a 360° view of the Teletubbies land.
18 KB. Author: BruB. Homepage
teletubb.zip Teletubbies cursors. A selection of painful deaths for some teletubbies.
13 KB. Author: Stuart Forbes. Stuart's homepage
tenchi.zip 2 cursors which are based on the anime "Tenchi Muyo!". Tenchi Running - it's based on the scene where Ryouko tries to destory Tenchi when they meet for the first time. Ryo-Oh-Ki, that furry-rabbit-cat-spaceship creature.
6 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Win Kang. Win's Homepage
tennis.zip Regular mouse pointer with a tennis ball bouncing next to it
1 KB. Author: cjb - Found by Sharon
tenshinh.zip Dragon Ball character Ten Shin Han doing Tai-O-Ken (Sun secret move).
3 KB. Readme. Author: MB-Jam
tessa.zip A blue-point siamese cat that meows
1 KB. Author: Danny Cayre
texasu.zip 3 cursors made for the University of Texas Theme for Plus!: UT branding iron, the word TEXAS cursive, Hook 'em Horns!
2 KB. Author: Randy Buckspan
t_harada.zip Riven bug open his wings. Marijuana turns to red.
4 KB. Author: Tal Harada

A complete Thanksgiving cursor scheme. 16 animated and static cursors. The Normal Select cursor shows a live turkey discovering the cooked carcass of his brethren and complaining loudly.
32 KB. Freeware. Author: Laird L Macomber
thcursor.zip Severed arms, feet and fingers, animated guillotine, animated zombie skull and a whole lot more. 11 .cur and 3 .ani-files.
11 KB. Readme. Shareware. Author: Franjo Goluza/Pacific Quillworks
thedoors.zip An animated cursor of the words The Doors.
1 KB. Author: Sean Gillen. His homepage
thespike.zip -=The SPiKe=- 256 color, full time, non anoying, Animated pointer for Windows 95.
5 KB. Readme. Author: Gary Bertagnolli
thespore.zip Claritas Zooming Spore.
1 KB. Author: DPG and Claritas Inc.
thumper.zip This cursor is of Thumper from Bambi. Thumper is 'thumping' his foot.
4 KB. Author: Pete
thunder.zip Thunder Cat cursor.
2 KB. Author: B&J. Homepage: Jake's Snake Pit
tickle.zip The logical end to the 'Tickle me Elmo' craze that went on in the U.S.A. over christmas '96. He explodes.
6 KB. Author: Crispybear. Crispybear's Homepage
tictacto.zip Tic Tac Toe - for dark backgrounds.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Nick Savoiu, Snowware
tifa3.zip Final Fantasy VII cursor. Video sequence.
116 KB. Author: Butz Yung. Butz' Homepage
titi.zip Building fight, helicopter, self-defense tree. Spity the snake cursors. Anti-Windows95 cursors: Sinking diver, exploding monitor / TV, falling Gorilla.... Bleedy teddy bear. UFO cursor. Several cartoon figures die.
70 KB. Author: Titi.
titi2.zip Rotating ABC cube, monster fight, exploding alien, worm eats apple. AntiWin cursors - original Microsoft cursors altered by Titi - the horse dies, the metronome breaks ...
82 KB. Readme. Author: Titi.

Paulo F.M Freire tv-sailo.zip

tigerpaw.zip This is a Clemson Tiger's logo (Tiger Paw) for all those die hard college sports fans out there. Go Tigers!
1 KB. Author: Kevin Michael Cross. Cursorphiles homepage
tigger.zip Tigger from whinney the pooh.
1 KB. Author: Eric Matz
tigger2.zip Another cursor displaying Tigger bouncing.
1 KB. Author: Suzanne
tigger3.zip The author grabbed and used tigger2.zip on his system... he made a kinder bouncier tigger....and a couple of extras for file busy and working in background.
3 KB. Author: Sprattoo. Sprattoo's Homepage
teletubb.zip Teletubbies cursors. A selection of painful deaths for some teletubbies.
13 KB. Author: Stuart Forbes. Stuart's homepage
titanic2.zip Here are 2 more cursors from the movie 'Titanic'. One's from the third class dance scene, the other's from the scene where Jack draws Rose. See king_otw.zip too.
17 KB. Author: Stuart Forbes. Stuart's homepage
tm.zip Five wait cursors. Arrow, flash effect cursor, road cursor, Stimorol cursor and Dirol Kids cursor.
4 KB. Author: Indrek Mesi
tomati_1.zip Animated cursor of a tomato with face, that pokes out its tongue.
1 KB. Author: Mr Lux
tombrai2.zip Tomb Raider cursor. 64x64 pixels.
6 KB. Author: Adje. Found by Enrique Polanco Abarca.
tombraid.zip Two Tomb Raider cursors.
5 KB. Author: MB-Jam
tongue.zip Several variations of the famous Rolling Stones tongue.
5 KB. Author: B&J. Homepage: Jake's Snake Pit
AwardCursor of the Month Aug 1999
Honeybear, a bear - looks like Winnie the Pooh - and some bees. Angel cursor. Rabbit with carrot.
9 KB. Author: Tony Stanley. Homepage
tools.zip Animated cursors collection with tools like cursors. Included are screwdriver, saw, hammer and more. Smoothly animated for high or true color display.
233 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Tumi.
toons.zip Ten animated cursors of a cartoon person (Harold) and one icon.
20 KB. Author: Patrick Reinhart.
topcur95.exe About 320 animated cursors and some regular cursors, also included some 256 colors cursors. Rolling Stones tongue, tank, Simpsons, lunar mobile, printer, radar, thermometer, olympic flame, telephone, match, trash, spaceship, Win logo, wizard, NOAA sign, target, skull, submarine, lighthouse, skier, owl, monkey, palm, football, tachometer, lizard, knife, needle, toilet paper, no smoke sign, pirat flag, tractor, volcano, switch, ship, TV, magic wand, mailbox, snowman, pen, computer mouse, question mark. moon + spaceshuttle, sword, typewriter, rocket, tape recorder, pool billiard, christmas tree, cocktail, traffic light, scanner, plane, music notes, USA map, dice game, CD, chess, dino, chip, hurricane on globe, sun, cigar smoker, candle, cat, dragonfly, clown, book, robot, Groucho Marx, hand, clock, dynamite, keyboard, key, cannon, corn, calculator, helicopter, pencil, computer, cup, jet, arrow, Fred Flintstone, Einstein, bird, beachball, balloon, cross, eye, fish, bike, bicycle,bible, american flag, bell, dog, aquarium, torch, atom, musicbox, Halloween, Doom monsters, alarmclock, globe, frog, hulk, bugs, umbrella, duck, cubic cube, camera, woman, go game, MS Dos sign, Mona Lisa and other famous woman.
389 KB. Readme. Shareware. Author: Juan C. Pradas-Bergnes. Juan's homepage
tornado.zip Small collection of 3 Anis on Twisters.
6 KB. Readme. Author: Mb-Jam
train.zip Moving train with an engine, coal car, box car, gasoline car, freight car, and a caboose.
6 KB. Readme. Author: Jeffrey Edwards
trash.zip 2-frames-animated trash can.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: URJB
treeani.zip Treeani - the tree begins as green, and changes as if through seasons.
2 KB. Author: Billwinkle. Billwinkle's homepage
trentspin.zip Trent Reznor (NIN) spinning in mid-air, which I made from "Closer" video.
31 KB. Author: Kate deLempicka
t-rex.zip Two cursors displaying a green brown dinosaur - T-Rex - baring it's horrific teeth.
5 KB. Author: Frizz Schiegerl / Michael Wong Po Kee
triforce.zip Animated Triforce cursor. In addition several icons.
8 KB. Author: Sildo.
triryche.zip Tri-Ryche in motion and Tri-Ryche .cur-file.
2 KB. Freeware. Author: Alex Harden
triser.zip Triumph Motorcycle cursors.
20 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Laith Renno. Laith's Homepage
trophy.zip Super Bowl Trophy Cursors. The Super Bowl trophy rotating. In addition 1 cur.
2 KB. Readme. Shareware. Author: Ross Fleege
truxpin.zip Teddy Ruxpin cursors.
6 KB. Readme. Author: Pamela Anne Williams.
turkey.zip Turkey working.
1 KB. Author: Cindy Emerson. Cindy's homepage
tutu.zip 3 animated cursors and 1 static cursor designed for children. Includes: Tutu, the dancing hippo, Flit, the humming bird and an owl.
6 KB. Author: Kristy Shanks. Homepage: Kristy's Desktop Creations
tv.zip TV set.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: DaWindow
tv-sailo.zip TV set displaying some Sailor Moon pictures.
2 KB. Author: Paulo F.M Freire. Paulo's Homepage
tweetybi.zip Tweety Bird desktop scheme.
625 KB. Author: Cathie
twiddle.zip Thumbs twiddling. Two versions, transparent / white background. Josh created it because he often get tired of waiting for Microsoft programs to load. He thought this animated cursor described his feelings as well as millions of others.
8 KB. Author: Josh Erman
twisted.zip Just plainly twisted shapes with metallic texure, rotating and wisting in 3D.
366 KB. Readme. Author: Pankaj Arora Software / Tumi.
txflag.zip 2-frames-animated texas flag.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Bill Rosser
txflag2.zip Texas Flag Animated Cursor. Animated Texas State Flag.
4 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Stephen B. Kirby, Brazos Bayou Software. Stephen's Homepage
typo_o.zip Some cursors for the group known as "Typo O Negtive". This file and it's contents are espicaly to Typo O fans. They are of the bands two icons.
16 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: C.A. Ritchie

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