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Dierk's List of Animated Cursors

Dierk's List
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w2.zip Flaming 2*U
21 KB. Author: Wim.
wackspid.zip Wacko - his tongue and eyes go crazy. Spiderman/Venom - Spiderman morphs into Venom, then Venom's tongue and green slobber come out and around his chin. In addition lots of ico files.
18 KB. Author: Bobby Edwards. Bobby's Homepage
wacky.zip Tumi's Wacky Cursors!!! Complete set of Wacky cursors for Win 95/98/NT. The set was made in just 16 colors and with opaque edge you can't loose the cursor. They are not at all smoothly animated and 3D but that's why they are wacky.
23 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Tumi.
wackyii.zip Tumi's Wacky II Cursor Set. If you thought the original Tumi's Wacky Cursor Set wasn't wacky enough - you're in luck. Here's a fresher, wackier, and outright sweet cursor set to fulfill your wacky desires.
51 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Pankaj Arora Software/Tumi.
wacom.zip Artpad cursors, designed for wacom artpad users. 10 .ani and 1.cur files.
14 KB. Author: Christian Musil
waiti.zip A nice wait or busy cursor: a figure is waiting, doing different things - wandering around, waving to you ...
7 KB. Author: Andrey aka Pushkin.
waiting.zip High heeled shoe jiggling.
1 KB. Author: Sent by s.scarry
waldorf.zip Two cursors. A melting M&M and a melting smiley face.
4 KB. Author: Todd Waldorf
wall.zip Rising Wall Animated Cursor. Rising wall encloses an arrow and explodes. 256 colors cursor.
5 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Luke Manning. Luke's Homepage
wallace.zip 2 animated cursors of Wallace from Wallace + Gromit. See wallace3.zip too.
2 KB. Readme. Author: Kenneth Kufluk
wallace2.zip Some Wallace and Gromit cursors. A Rocket starting to the moon (picking cheese), the penguin lodger, Wallace.
9 KB. Readme. Author: Mike Albanese
wallace3.zip Wallace from Wallace + Gromit speaks and rolls his eyes. See wallace.zip too.
1 KB. Author: Dean Zimmermann
wanda.zip Teddy bear, bird, cat, broken heart, jack-or-pumpkin, Santa Claus, snowflake, star, little toaster ...
15 KB. Author: Mitch.
warp.zip The authors' set of the Wild, Wacky and the Weird. Includes: cursors with evil ideas and some strange stuff! Contains modified cursors of other authors.
22 KB. Readme. Author: Jodi Morris. Jodi's Homepage
warp_c_1.zip Pointer with a Star Trek Warp effect.
1 KB. Author: Carsten Bolte

15 animated and 1 static 3D orange cursors that replace all of your standard pointers. George Washington turns to look you in the eye.
34 KB. Freeware. Author: Laird L Macomber
wasp.zip Wasp examining something...
2 KB. Author: Alex Yeoh.
watbub.zip Several wave bubble cursors.
26 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Laith Renno. Laith's Homepage
waveligh.zip Psychedelic wave lights.
1 KB. Author: Curtis Kruger. Curtis' homepage
waving.zip Boy and girl having on swimming things wave.
2 KB. Readme. Author: Sunzilla
way.zip A star is pulled apart in the immense gravity well of a black hole. Birdaway - starting rocket. Mac-10. Uzi. Babylon 5 related cursor - depicts the view from a Starfury (a Human fighter-craft) as it is intercepted and destroyed by a Shadow battle-cruiser, the spider-like vessel in the centre of the viewscreen.
5 KB. Author: Bruce Way
way2.zip Glock - a pistol. Nin cursor. Submarine. Time bomb. Babylon 5 cursor. It depicts a Minbari warship sweeping the sky with its beam weapon, just before a little Human fighter-craft gets disintegrated by the beam. Ankh cursor. Pulse rifle as used by the 'Colonial Marines' in the movie 'Aliens'.
12 KB. Author: Bruce Way
AwardCursor of the Month Oct 1998
Wuddy, the wooden doll, sneaks, dances, points, jumps, gets a kick. Very cool.
35 KB. Readme. Author: !krst. Here's the homepage
wchs_ani.zip Western Canada High School Rotating Busy Cursor and Western Canada High School Rolling Application Cursor.
11 KB. Author: Glen Greer. Here's Glen's Home Page
AwardCursor of the Month Feb 1999
Highway 66 cursor, butterfly, mouse, globefish, stopwatch, parabird, fly.
11 KB. Author: Walter Murschitsch. His homepage
wcw.zip WCW animated cursor (Wrestling).
1 KB. Author: MolTar
wcw2.zip Here are some WCW (wrestling) cursors. Cartoon kind of figures. Chris Jericho, Hogan, Lex Luger, Macho, Rick Steiner, Raven and many more ...
38 KB. Author: Prashandt.
wecomein.zip We come in peace - static cursor. Displaying an alien and the text 'Peace'.
1 KB. Author: Maverik100
wendel.zip Yin Yang cursor and whale icon. Finger pointer. Volcano.
10 KB. Author: Adam F. Wendel.
werewolf.zip A werewolf attack.
21 KB. Readme. Author: BruB. Homepage
wespe.zip Cursor displaying a wasp flying in a glass ball.
1 KB. Author: Walter Murschitsch. Walter's Homepage
wet.zip Wetlands-themed cursor scheme. Get back to nature with these citizens of the wild. Includes: turtles, turtles, turtles, ducks, and reptiles. Contains modified cursors of other authors.
12 KB. Readme. Author: Jodi Morris
whirlcow.zip Holstein cow face wearing a beanie with a whirling blade on top. Converted from animated gif.
7 KB. Author: Dierk Luerbke
whirlydo.zip Snoopy as The World War I Flying Ace, using his ears as propeller.
2 KB. Author: Henrique "Snoopy" Vianna
whiz.zip A young man has a pee in the landscape.
1 KB. Author: ?

Dierk danicur2.exe

who2.zip Doctor Who Animated Cursors. A dematerialising police box. A rotating police box. The TARDIS console during flight.
46 KB. Author: Alden Bates
william2.zip The first cursor (folding) is really to do with the authors company Fibonacci. The second is just a bit of fun, a paper plane. Third is a Rubik's Cube.
10 KB. Author: Keith Williams.
williams.zip Snooker, porthole, cursor displaying name Keith, dice, fastball, maze, puzzle, rainbow, mandelbrot zoom, balloon, eclipse, Star Trek transporter, ghost pointer, orbit, washing machine, adam fireplace, wall ball, christmas tree.
30 KB. Author: Keith Williams.
win98.zip Three cursors. Windows flag and logo, pointer in Windows colors. Co-Author Gilly Nowak created the BTTF cursors in bttf.zip.
10 KB. Readme. Author: Created by T&G co.
windows.zip Animated Windows Logo.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Fernando Parrondo
windsurf.zip Animated Windsurfing Cursor. New version 1.1. Four windsurfing-themed ani-cursors and 1 .cur.
15 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Art Braunwell
winzip.zip Animated cursor of the Winzip logo.
2 KB. Author: Ken Bandock.
wirdcur.zip Crystal ball with a mystic light, an egg hatches, Godzilla tearing up a city.
8 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Andy Gorrill
witch.zip Witch flying across a city skyline.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Brendan Reeves/Chris Tanana
wiz1.zip Cursor of a wizard killed by a fire.
2 KB. Author: CBubel.
wizard.zip Wizard shoot fireballs from his staff, change robes and disapear.
6 KB. Freeware. Author: GageMakr
wmhivisi.zip WM Hi Visibility Cursors. 11 static cursors, extra large. Great for Notebooks.
4 KB. Readme. Author: Unknown
wodstock.zip Woodstock, the little tiny friend of Snoopy.
1 KB. Author: ?
wolf_cur.zip Animated cursor displaying a howling wolf + 1 cur.
3 KB. Author: Jeremy Quandt. Jeremy's Homepage
wott.zip Some weapon-themed cursors. 7 .ani, 1 .cur and 2 .ico. An arrow flies through the air, hits a human bottom. A time bomb explodes. A Gopher dies by a shot in the head. In addition a shotgun, uzi, crosshairs, double barrel.
7 KB. Author: Bill O'Neill
wow.zip 7 animated cursors. Crosshair, lava lamp, wave machine, spitfire/flash/ripple-arrows, blinking eyes.
7 KB. Author: Mark Hughes. Mark's Homepage.
wow2.zip Bloody hand with finger as pointer. Hypnotic cursor for use as wait/busy cursor. Animated -W-.
3 KB. Author: W-o-w. The homepage
wvu.zip West Virginia University Football Cursors. Questions and/or Comments to Be Sent To My Icq Uin 31132737 and/or E-Mail.
11 KB. Author: Jon Rhett Flanagan. The homepage

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