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Dierk's List of Animated Cursors

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Files C (2)

cop.zip Police-themed cursor scheme. Criminals Beware! You better stop at this red light, this set has cops chasing crooks everywhere. Includes: fights, chases, and helicopters, etc. Contains modified cursors of other authors.
26 KB. Readme. Author: Jodi Morris
countit.zip Hand counts 1 - 5 with it's fingers.
1 KB. Author: DPG, Paul Jenard Schirf
cow1.zip Cow cursor collection no. 1. Aliens meet cow, what happens ? You will see, aliens don't like cows ... and they own lethal weapons ... 70 amazing short stories. Fantastic effects, great ideas ...
377 KB. Freeware. Author: Pierre RamireZ.
cow2.zip Cow cursor collection no. 2. Aliens meet cow, what happens ? The second collection, including 41 amazing short stories. Fantastic effects, once again great ideas ...
795 KB. Freeware. Author: Pierre RamireZ.
cow3.zip Cow cursor collection no. 3. Aliens meet cow, what happens ? The third collection, including 20 amazing short stories. New fantastic effects, great ideas ...
1077 KB. Freeware. Author: Pierre RamireZ.
cowm1.zip Inspired by Pierre RamireZ' great cow cursors the author made a cow cursor too called cow mutilation. UFO vs. cow.
4 KB. Author: Godzilla
cowser.zip Cool rendered cursors: rotating cows, rotating cow peeing, rotating cow pooping.
49 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Laith Renno. Laith's Homepage
cowstuff.zip Here are cursor elements of Pierres great cow series. Aliens and cows ...
24 KB. Author: Pierre RamireZ
crackers.zip 3 whimsical animal cracker cursors.
9 KB. Readme. Author: Pamela Anne Williams.
crazycur.exe Crazycurs. This collection includes three crazy animated true color cursors. Watch your cursor flip around the cursor hotspot. A great effect never seen on the desktop before ... Don't work with WinNT.
111 KB. Freeware. Selfextracting file. Readme. Author: Dierk Luerbke
crazyshr.zip This is a animated cursor of a sycadelic shroom that shakes around.
2 KB. Author: Mike McCue
creigh_1.zip 5 cursors. Smiley, laptop, dodge, 2 x logo.
11 KB. Freeware. Author: Creighton Edmonds
criscur5.zip Large collection of 103 animated cursors, version 5. Zero´s LightSaber, Robotech, Poder, Fliper, several smiley cursors, several cursors displaying fightings...
189 KB. Readme. Author: Cristian Garcia. Cristian's homepage and maverick hunter base
criscurs.zip Christmas Cursor Special. Several christmas related cursors.
18 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Johnny Yip.
critturs.zip The Critturs Cursor Collection. A plethora of static and animated cursors for Windows 95. includes such classic cursors as "Crittur Melts in Hot Sun", "Crittur Holds Up a Sign" and "Crittur Can't Stay Awake". 31 ani and 19 cur.
45 KB. Free for private use. Author: Dan Foley
cross.zip Rotating cross lights up briefly.
1 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Tom Morrison
cross2.zip A complete set of pointers with a cross theme.
6 KB. Author: Jason Emmons. Jason's homepage
crosses.zip Crosses... both pointers and animated cursors. Blue cross pointer, rotating cross, color cycling cross, upright cross pointer.
2 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: MuSiCMaN MoBy
crossh_1.zip Lot's of crosshairs... 12 ani, 9 cur, 1 ico.
31 KB. Author: Brent A. Ruple
crosshrs.zip Matt's Animated Crosshair Cursors. Interesting collection of different types of crosshairs.
5 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Matt Martin
crosswir.zip Moving crosswire.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Nick Savoiu, Snowware
crusome.zip Several cursors displaying crusome deaths.
8 KB. Author: Jake Gluer.
crystal.zip Tumi's Crystal Cursors! Complete set of crystal cursors for Win 95/98/NT. Smoothly animated for your high or true color display.
383 KB. Readme. Author: Pankaj Arora Software/Tumi.
cscream.zip Scream by !krst. Two cursors displaying a face morphing into another face.
18 KB. Author: !krst. Here's the homepage
cseifer.zip Seifer from Final Fantasy ......laughing??
73 KB. Author: Warkwark. Homepage
cu.zip Chulalongkorn University Logo Animated Cursor.
1 KB. Author: Kajsongkram Sriarporn
cubani.zip Animated Cuban Shield. Viva Cuba Libre!
2 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Reinold Glenn Tagle
cup.zip Two cricket world cup logo cursors.
15 KB. Author: Prashanth.
cur.zip Bulls, bird, eyes, heart cursors. Only static cursors.
2 KB. Author: Rachel Baxter. Rachel's Homepage
cur-d.zip Doom themed cursors. Shooting weapons and a text-cursor with drops of blood falling off. In addition two cur.
7 KB. Author: Konstantin Seiler. Konstantin's Homepage
curelli.zip F-18 firing a rocket, mouse, tetris game, RC truck.
11 KB. Author: Stephen Curelli.
curgar.zip The cursor is of Jerry Garcia one of the musicans in Greatful Dead.
3 KB. Author: Sean Gillen
curphile.zip The Cursorphiles (cursor webring) logo, the turning 3d hourglass.
11 KB. Author: BruB & Guinness. Cursorphiles homepage
cur-s.zip Joke cursors: rotating arrow, arrow morphing into a hand with the famous one finger, a 'Where do you want to klick today?-cursor', a moving arrow, an arrow disappears and the german text 'Tut mir leit ich muss mal' (english: sorry, I need the toilet) turns up.
21 KB. Author: Konstantin Seiler. Konstantin's Homepage
curs03.exe Some keyboards and ventilators.
19 KB. Readme. Author: MSL
curs95.zip 2 cursors. Crawling caterpillar and red meter.
2 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: KConrad124
cursanim.zip Several dinosaur cursors (Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Baryonyx ... ). Whirling pentagram. Butterfly. Globe. Skull.
27 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Dann Pigdon. Dann's Homepage
cursers.zip Win 95 and NT Railroad Cursors. Caboose, steam engine, diesel engine, semaphore, wigwag, crossing flasher, crossing with train, clock.
8 KB. Author: Bart Hollis
curslib1.zip Collection of 9 .cur and 21 .ani (fading apple, watch, Critter-cursors, turtles, Descent lightning sphere, waving hand, bobbing R2D2, Star Wars-Thrusting X-Wing, Windows logo...) files.
141 KB. Author: Chris Gaston

Juan C.

cynhands.zip cyn-text.zip
cursor.exe The "singing" Barney. See newbarn.zip too.
17 KB. Author: Mike
cursor.zip Collection of 17 animated cursors of different authors. Some files are coming from other files in Dierks List of Animated Cursors. Bear with balloons, hypnotic cursors, Jack in the box, printer, rocket launch, truck.
37 KB. Author: Several
cursor2.zip 2 cursors. Chili and traffic light.
2 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Chris Garcia
cursor3.zip Christmas tree.
2 KB. Readme. Author: Daniel Weese
cursor4.zip An arrow burns down like a match, the corners of an arrow roll around, a tough smiley with sunglasses smokes a cigarette.
1 KB. Readme. Author: Kyle R. Burton
cursor5.zip Large collection of Beavis and Butthead cursors and icons.
158 KB. Author: ? . Sent by Lars Zimmermann. His homepage
cursor98.zip Tumi's 3D 98 Cursors!!! This is the authors second set of 3D animated cursors but this one is for Windows 98. Cool rendered cursors, smoothly animated and in 256 colors. In this set you'll find 14 animated cursors as replacement for your Windows standard cursors.
82 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Tumi.
cursord.zip Collection of cursors in 72x72 size for WinNT.
42 KB. Author: Daniel Williams.
cursors.exe Seven cursors: computer mouse, growing and shrinking box, mouth, arrow, elephant, clock, text cursor.
23 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Wolfram Geissler
cursors.zip 3D rendered animated cursors for win95/98/nt with 40 frames each, need more than 256 colors desktop. Objects like cones, globes, crosses, pyramids, floppy disks, earth, dolby logo, box, apple, balls, chip, DNA, lamp, laptop, keyboard, monitor, hourglass, THX logo, gears. Some of the objects can be found with pointer in pointers.zip.
849 KB. Readme. Author: Inno Stangl.
cursors2.zip Babylon 5 Cursors for Win 95. 6 .cur and 8 .ani (three Babylon 5-themed cursor, e.g. a growing 5 and some sizer and move arrows) files.
9 KB. Readme. Author: Jason Charette
cursors3.zip 2 rotating starfury cursors (Babylon 5).
21 KB. Author: Lee Thompson
cursors4.zip 6 .cur and 5 .ani (rotating cube, spinning floppy disk, geometric symbols, perlsaw) files.
7 KB. Author: Matt
cursors5.zip 11 .cur and 4 .ani (sword and exploding bomb, rotating shield, walking shoes, a wand) files.
6 KB. Author: Matt
cursors6.zip Three zip files with several ani's and cur's. Sword cursors. Three ani's dedicated to the group Typo O Negative, two are the hammers spining and one that is the symbol of the group themselves. For adults only: well-proportioned female bodys, naked or lightly dressed. Don't download if you get offended by sexual animated cursors.
20 KB. Readme. Author: C.A. Ritchie
cursors7.zip Ford Fiesta themed cursors. Demo version. These cursors are modeled after a 1978 Ford Fiesta. 10 cursors.
7 KB. Readme. Author: Damon Mittleider
cursors8.zip Download cursors8.zip for animated cursors made with figures from Wacky Stickers - the guy from Bald that flips his wig and the Dummy with animated beanie.
9 KB. Author: Jim Furr. Jim's Homepage: Homepage / Wacky Stickers
cursors9.zip Christmas themed cursors. 2 ani (candle with fir branch and jumping jack) and 2 ico.
3 KB. Author: Henrik Skovbjerg.
cursorsa.zip 6 cursors. A gold coin spinning, a head putting on and off his face, a grey Chevy Nova, Niceday - the sun comes up and is shot down, Paranoia - anxious eyes appear behind a window shades. This cursors are included in cursorsc.zip too (a few with little variations).
10 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Derek L. Tennenhouse. Derek's homepage
cursorsb.zip Beast Wars cursors. These cursors are for both Transformers and Beastwars. All they do is transform from one mode to another.
28 KB. Author: Menya Machinka. Menya's homepage. Mike, thanks for the tip.
cursorsc.zip Bald guy, baseball, batman, bouncing ball, booty cursor, bullet with butterfly wings, anagram god/dog, dripping blood, football, light bulb, Marvin, baseball that turns into orioles, opus. In addition the cursors from cursorsa.zip.
36 KB. Readme. Author: Derek L. Tennenhouse. Derek's homepage
cursorsd.zip Animated drug cursors for Windows 95. Cooking themes and syringes.
5 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: www.drugsart.org
cursorse.zip Tumi's 3D Cursors!!! Cool rendered cursors, smoothly animated and in 256 colors. In this set you'll find 14 animated cursors as replacement for your Windows standard cursors.
65 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Tumi.
cursorsf.zip 2 -The Simpsons-cursor. Marge's hair swaying and burpin' Barney.
3 KB. Author: Chris Messer
cursorsg.zip Eye, rose ...
43 KB. Author: Christopher A. Johnson.
cursr.zip A lot of animated cursors with colorful spinning rings.
24 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: MSL
cursr01.exe 4 animated cursors with spinning rings. The cursors are included in cursr.zip too.
24 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: MSL
cwptrs.zip Color Wave Pointer Set.
13 KB. Freeware. Author: Erick Kobres
cynehand.zip 21 static Internet Explorer link select hands. Several colors.
17 KB. Author: Cindy Emerson. Cindy's homepage
cynhands.zip 16 static Netscape Navigator link select hands. Several colors.
4 KB. Author: Cindy Emerson. Cindy's homepage
cyn-text.zip 7 static text select cursors.
2 KB. Author: Cindy Emerson. Cindy's homepage

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