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Dierk's List of Animated Cursors

Special Edition 6 - Music

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2pac.zip This file includes 1 anicursor, 1 cursor and 6 icons of the musician Tupac.
15 KB. Readme. Author: Suzanne
311.zip Three animated cursors with the logo of the band 311.
1 KB. Author: ?
311busy.zip Two animated busy cursors of the band 311 logo.
5 KB. Author: Travis Balke
311two.zip Logo for one of the authors favorite bands -311. Cur file.
1 KB. Readme. Author: -@ndy
62cursor.zip Static cursors: Elvis, conductor.
35 KB. Readme. Author: Mike Mee. Mike's homepage
alien97b.zip AlienElvis - New and improved Elvis. AlienPriscilla - AlienElvis true love Priscilla.
15 KB. Readme. Author: Eileen Fitzgibbons. Eileen's Homepage
animate2.zip A cycle through the band members of James. Flashing James cursor.
12 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Adam Watkins. Adam's Homepage
aniparty.zip Radio playing music.
7 KB. Freeware. Author: Larry Allen
atm.zip Busy cursor for the authors theme for the rock band Pearl Jam. Released July 26. 1998.
6 KB. For personal use only. Author: BERBS
baby.zip Dancing baby. Converted from animated gif.
11 KB. Author: Steve Westbury
baby2.zip Dancing baby cursor.
15 KB. Author: Stuart Glaser
ballet.zip Ballet-themed cursors/icons (ballerina, musicbox with ballerina....).
5 KB. Author: D. Lee Brandt and Jenifer
bassmusi.zip Bass violin, trombone, scrolling music scores and music oriented cursors.
6 KB. Readme. Author: Pamela Anne Williams.
benfit.zip Pearl Jam cursors.
195 KB. Readme. Author: Prashanth.
biohzd.zip Rotating 3D logo of the band BioHazard.
11 KB. Author: Gary Houser.
bjork.zip Two cursors the author has made about his favorite singer Bjork / Björk.
20 KB. Author: Daniel Yanez
bosscur.zip The Bruce Springsteen animated cursor. This cursor will show Bruce's albums morphing into each other.
13 KB. Author: ?
brub2.zip Extracts from 'Do the revolution' by Pearl Jam.
294 KB. Readme. Author: BruB. BruB's homepage
brub4.zip Freddy Mercury 'Radio GaGa', guitar.
396 KB. Readme. Author: BruB. BruB's homepage
brub6.zip Disco sphere.
407 KB. Readme. Author: BruB. Homepage
bunny.zip A bunny bangs a drum, nods his head and pats his paws.
1 KB. Author: Michael Todd
caj_ani.zip Radio packet.
2 KB. Author: Alan Jones
carlos.zip Beatles cursor.
2 KB. Author: Carlos Legorreta Pozo
cdarrow.zip Colorful CD turning into an arrow.
2 KB. Freeware. Author: No Flamers
chikara.zip Here's a cursor "Chikara" an oriental character used by the rock band KISS.
2 KB. Author: Brian Young
compsend.zip Loudspeaker sending sounds.
1 KB. Author: Bernhard Stumpf
curgar.zip The cursor is of Jerry Garcia one of the musicans in Greatful Dead.
3 KB. Author: Sean Gillen
cursor.exe The "singing" Barney.
17 KB. Author: Mike
cursors6.zip Three ani's dedicated to the group Typo O Negative, two are the hammers spining and one that is the symbol of the group themselves.
20 KB. Readme. Author: C.A. Ritchie

Janson Stone jansons.zip

d_7.zip Dial-7 Animated Cursor
2 KB. Author: ?
deadcurs.zip The Grateful Dead Cursor Collection. 1 .ani and 5 .cur.
4 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Chris Berning
denpak.zip The Den cursors from the authors Heavy Metal:Den Theme
29 KB. Author: J.B. Roth. Homepage
eye.zip The Green Eye on the Tool album.
2 KB. Author: B&J. Homepage: Jake's Snake Pit
f4.zip Two Fanta4-Logos (german band).
115 KB. Author: Harm.
floe.zip Animated cursor of the band "Floe".
2 KB. Author: Sanjay Naidoo
g_acm.zip Cur files: tuba, guitar, piano, cassette, speaker, media sign, zignzag. In addition several ico files.
60 KB. Readme. Author: Guinness^. Visit his homepage
gitarcur.zip Guitar related cursors. Amp cursor. Two guitars crossing cursor. Flying v guitar cursor. Cursor of Metallica Logo star (made from an anigif from the net). Explorer guitar cursor and help cursor.
34 KB. Readme. Public Domain. Author: Gary Gibbs
group10.zip Totoro playing his flute on a tree.
7 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Win Kang
group20.zip Christmas carollers singing.
9 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Win Kang. Win's Homepage
guitar.zip Icons of effect's pedals, tuning keys ect. and a ani. tuner.
4 KB. Readme. Author: Dale Moskalyk
guitarman.zip Cursor of a guitar player.
2 KB. Author: Mike. Mike's homepage
guitars.zip Two guitars of Neil Young's guitars. One acoustic and one electric. Static cursors.
1 KB. Author: Mr. Soul
headbang.zip Long-haired guy playing an electric guitar.
2 KB. Author: Sent by aisis
heavy.zip Three cursors of a heavy metal guitar player.
4 KB. Author: Eric Foster
heian.zip NIN cursor.
30 KB. Author: Tony aka Heian and other authors
herriot.zip Spinning CD.
1 KB. Author: Andrew Herriot
jansons.zip Elvis dancing.
13 KB. Readme. Author: Janson Stone - Janson, please send me your correct E-mail address !
jrjbeatl.zip Collection of Beatles related cursors.
77 KB. Author: J. R. Jones
katelemp.zip Marilyn Manson's backside. NIN's Trent Reznor, made from 'The Perfect Drug' video.
36 KB. Author: Kate deLempicka
kencur.zip Notes, bells.
32 KB. Author: MY1HKDAD.
kiss.zip Here is a set of cursors for the group KISS! All of them are the KISS sign doing different light patterns. The author: you wanted the Best... You got the BEST... The hottest band in the world... KISS!!!".
6 KB. Author: Brian Young
kiss2.zip This set includes 1 anicursor, 4 cursors, and 5 icons of the band KISS (in make-up).
18 KB. Readme. Author: Suzanne
lespaul.zip Les Paul Guitar cursors.
9 KB. Author: ?. Sent by Brad.
m_busy.zip It's the Marilyn Manson lightning bolt logo, done from scatch.
2 KB. Author: Graham Beaven.
met.zip Two Metallica cursors.
3 KB. Author: Prashanth
metalli2.zip Several cursors of the band Metallica.
163 KB. Author: Prashanth.
metalli3.zip Cursor of the Metallica band members.
3 KB. Author: Tom Wcislo.
mmanim.zip Marilyn Manson animated cursor.
6 KB. Readme. Author: Jason Cooper. Jason's homepage
mmsalute.zip Marilyn Manson saluting.
3 KB. Author: Kate deLempicka
moody.zip Cursor designed from the logo of the rock band The Moody Blues.
3 KB. Author: Bill Bevil.
morecool.zip MTV sign.
11 KB. Readme. Author: Mike Albanese
mtlycrue.zip This Motley Crue set contains 1 anicursor and 10 icons.
23 KB. Readme. Author: Suzanne
mus.zip Let these cursors sign and dance across your screen. Includes: drums, instruments, dancers, etc. Contains modified cursors of other authors.
19 KB. Readme. Author: Jodi Morris
music2.zip Music related cursors the author collected for a special request. Metronom, trombone (created by Guinness). Violin, musical notation, saxophone, high-hat from other authors.
6 KB. Author: Guinness^ and other authors.
musical.zip Sweet animated cursor set, music related 3D rendered cursors, such as guitar, drum, note, concertina, clef, speaker, flute, trumpet ...
232 KB. Readme. Author: Pankaj Arora Software. The homepage
musician.zip 6 very nice cursors. Drummer, violin player (2), violoncelist, guitarist, pianist.
10 KB. Author: Andrey aka Pushkin.
nirvana.zip The Nirvana logo draws it self and surrounded by the words Nirvana Rules.
1 KB. Author: Sean Gillen. His homepage
oddcurs.zip Singer, dancer.
10 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Pamela Anne Williams.
oddstuf.zip Manowar animated cursors. Rotating ring, electric guitar, end of the world cursor, Sign Of The Hammer logo.
7 KB. Readme. Author: Aaron Raisey
park.zip Luke's guitar.
9 KB. Author: Albert Park.
pj.zip Collection of Pearl Jam cursors and icons.
11 KB. Readme. Author: Prashanth and other authors.
pointer5.zip The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Cursor Pack v2.0. 5 ani and 11 cur. All based on the symbol which the artist formerly known as Prince (nee' Rogers Nelson) adopted as his name on June 7, 1993. Two of the cursors are based on the logo for NPG Records.
10 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Anil Dash, Winformation, Inc.
prodigy.zip Prodigy, the band, cursors. The ant logo walks, the crap from the "Fat Of The Land" CD cover pinches its craws, and "the Prodigy" scrolls across the scene.
3 KB. Author: the Kemical Boy
rush.zip Black/red symbol used on the RUSH album 2112.
1 KB. Freeware. Author: Tom Stangl
sexyani13.zip Spice Girls cursor.
102 KB. Readme. Author: Lionel. Homepage: Lionelg . Net
sexyani20.zip Mariah Carrey. Adult cursors included. Don't download if you get offended by sexual animated cursors.
141 KB. Readme. Author: Lionel. Homepage: Lionelg . Net
silchair.zip Pictures of the band Silverchair flashing.
15 KB. Author: Allie L.. Homepage
spice.zip The 5 spice girls morphing into each other.
123 KB. Author: BruB. BruB's homepage
spicegrl.zip This set has 1 anicursor and 12 icons of the pop group Spice Girls.
29 KB. Readme. Author: Suzanne
subpack.zip The Beatles Yellow Submarine cursors and icons.
18 KB. Author: JB Roth. The homepage
suz2.zip 256 color cursor: Saxophone.
8 KB. Author: Suzanne
swcursrs.zip Stabbing Westward, the band. A spinning cross, from their official website, and "Stabbing Westward" scrolls across their scene.
3 KB. Author: the Kemical Boy
switch.zip This is a complete set of cursors based on the band Switchblade Symphony. Flower.ani represents the purple flower on the cover of "Serpentine Gallery". Scrapbook.ani is based on vocalist Tina Root's artwork on the cover of the limited edition "Scrapbook" cd.
7 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: Morpheus Five. Here's the FifthDream homepage
thedoors.zip An animated cursor of the words The Doors.
1 KB. Author: Sean Gillen. His homepage
tongue.zip Several variations of the famous Rolling Stones tongue.
5 KB. Author: B&J. Homepage: Jake's Snake Pit
topcur95.exe Rolling Stones tongue, tape recorder, music notes, CD, musicbox.
389 KB. Readme. Shareware. Author: Juan C. Pradas-Bergnes. Juan's homepage
trentspin.zip Trent Reznor (NIN) spinning in mid-air, which I made from "Closer" video.
31 KB. Author: Kate deLempicka
typo_o.zip Some cursors for the group known as "Typo O Negtive". This file and it's contents are espicaly to Typo O fans. They are of the bands two icons.
16 KB. Readme. Freeware. Author: C.A. Ritchie
vrfcurs.zip Metallica pointer and Metallica busy obviously.
49 KB. Readme. Author: Viterbo Rodriguez
way2.zip NIN cursor.
12 KB. Author: Bruce Way
zolrman.zip The cursor is from a rap group called the Insane Clown Posse and it shows the riddle box like on the cover, it turns the crank, the head pops out, the he eats the littler pointer in the corner, then he breakes the screen by licking it.
12 KB. Author: Zolr Man

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