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DHTML Deutsche Version

The scripts work with MSIE 4+ browsers only. In MSIE 6 some scripts don't work well but with Version 7 all scripts run fine. The javascript option must be activated in the browser settings.
Explications on how to use the scripts you will find below the table.

Several DHTML javascripts I have worked for my website.
Script 1SnoopySnoopy flying through the airExample page
Script 2SnoopySnoopy flying through the air (2)Example page
Script 3BugA little bug follows the cursorExample page
Script 4EyeEye following the cursorExample page
Script 5Eyes2 eyes following the cursorExample page
Script 6GuyGuy walking aroundExample page
Script 7DogDog running aroundExample page
Script 8ButterflyButterflyExample page
Script 9SantaSanta ClausExample page
Script 10BalloonHot-air-balloonExample page

DHTML, how does it work ?

Well, this sort of animation is not a normal animated Windows cursor you can install on your computer using the Windows cursor installation menu. It's a special javascript for webpages which works on websites only, displayed in your browsers window. It doesn't work on the normal Windows desktop ...
With the scripts on my site, pictures (animated or static gifs) follow the normal windows cursor. The script changes the pictures depending on the direction the cursors moves on the desktop, so it looks very realistic when the pictures and little animations follow the cursor. The eye script includes 9 pictures for example, 9 different pictures for 8 different directions and one picture for the neutral position when you don't move the cursor.
Other DHTML-scripts available on the web include text effects only. There are no pictures, the javascript itself creates a text or other objects such as clocks or fireworks.


How to use the scripts on your homepage:

Download the zip archives on the example pages. After extracting the zip archives just copy the gif files and the included *.js file (it includes the javascript) to the folder where you have stored your HTML webpages (computer or webserver), then include the following row in the HTML code of the page where you want display the DHTML cursor effect:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript1.2" SRC="scriptname.js"></SCRIPT>
in the code replace scriptname.js by the real name of the script

It will start the script when someone visits your page ...
The row must be included somewhere between the Head tags of your page, you can see an example below:

<TITLE>name of your page</TITLE> <SCRIPTLANGUAGE="javascript1.2" SRC="scriptname.js"></SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY> ... </BODY> </HTML>
in the code replace scriptname.js by the real name of the script

Hint: some server providers don't allow *.js files on their servers and in that case the script doesn't work even if you have uploaded it to your webspace and everything seems OK so far.

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