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Cologne/Köln Deutsche Version

Cologne - Then and Now in one picture (1)

Cologne, the days around March 06, 1945. Photos taken at this days compared with photos taken today. In one picture ...
There are three chapters, first chapter Cologne in general, chapter two the advance of the US troops from Gladbacher Straße to the Cathedral, chapter three the advance from Venloer Straße to the Cathedral. For several photos there are links to pictures with higher resolution, just click the bigger photo to close it after watching when you are using Javascript.
The pictures:
- Cologne in general
- Advance from Gladbacher Straße to the Cathedral
- Advance from Venloer Straße to the Cathedral

Cologne in general


View from south tower of the Cologne Cathedral.
Big size: open (822 KB)


Park in the old town, church Gross St. Martin and the house on the right side, Stapelhaus.

Big size: open (631 KB)


The Cathedral, view from Hohenzollernbrücke

Big size: open (781 KB)


Central Station.

Big size: open (644 KB)


The building of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront, today social court. People are waiting for their transport bus on March 7, 1945. Photo 1945 by Johnny Florea.


Intersection Marzellenstraße / Bahnhofstraße / An den Dominikanern on March 07. 1945. In background church St. Andreas, on the street a dead German soldier. Photo 1945 by Johnny Florea.


Cologne panorama. Left side the destroyed bridge Hindenburgbrücke.


The destroyed bridge Hindenburgbrücke.


US soldier on Trankgasse in front of the Cologne Cathedral. The sign was warning "tourists". The Cologne parts on the other side of Rhine river were still in German hands.


The Cologne Cathedral, northern side, looking from the square in front of the central station.

Big size: open (776 KB)


View from street Burgmauer.

Big size: open (931 KB)


Another view from street Burgmauer.


Next to the house of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront.


In front of the house of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront, again the people waiting for their removal. Today people are waiting for the start of their shopping tour


Street Gereonstraße, soldiers walking along the street.


The destroyed bridge Hohenzollernbrücke.


Church St. Ursula.


Fortunately only a photomontage - concerning the cathedral which wasn't destroyed in reality. At the end of WWII, after all the bombings, it could also have looked like this ....

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