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Cologne wallpaper - page 3
40 wallpapers available. Download the following cologne wallpapers for free.

Cologne Wallpaper 11
Cologne cathedral.

JPG Upload 06/11/06
1280x10241.220 KB downloads
1024x768667 KB downloads
800x600400 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 8
City panorama, view from new Triangle Tower.

JPG Upload 06/11/06
1280x10241.185 KB downloads
1024x768650 KB downloads
800x600383 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 15
Double Cologne panorama in mystery style. Something completely different ...

JPG Upload 10/04/06
1280x1024371 KB downloads
1024x768219 KB downloads
800x600136 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 12
Cologne cathedral in popart. Wallpaper shows Museum Ludwig, cathedral and a big David statue which makes advertising for a special Arthur Rimbaud museum exhibition. Looks cool ...

JPG Upload 08/06/06
1280x1024909 KB downloads
1024x768528 KB downloads
800x600323 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 14
Cologne panorama, medieval centre, Cathedral, church Groß St. Martin

JPG Upload 09/18/06
1280x1024290 KB downloads
1024x768189 KB downloads
800x600117 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 28
Cologne before sunset

JPG Upload 06/12/09
1280x1024428 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 16
The cologne cathedral in mist - with little alienation effect

JPG Upload 12/25/07
1280x1024667 KB downloads
1024x768387 KB downloads
800x600242 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 26
Location: beer garden in Bensberg. View of the bay of Cologne, the cathedral and other buildings are visible in the background.

JPG Upload 05/31/09
1280x10242.228 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 18
Ice-skating at square Heumarkt

JPG Upload 12/26/07
1280x10241.007 KB downloads
1024x768638 KB downloads
800x600405 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 25
Pop Art Wallpaper.

JPG Upload 05/31/09
1280x10241.554 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 37
Standing on the roof of the Cologne cathedral, view of the christmas fair on square Roncalliplatz next to the cathedral

JPG Upload 12/13/11
1280x10241.163 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 36
Standing on the roof of the Cologne cathedral, another view of the christmas fair on square Roncalliplatz

JPG Upload 12/13/11
1280x10241.193 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 35
Christmas fair on square Roncalliplatz next to the cathedral

JPG Upload 12/13/11
1280x10241.357 KB downloads

Köln Wallpaper 34
Christmas fair on square Roncalliplatz next to the cathedral

JPG Upload 12/13/11
1280x10241.121 KB downloads
1280x800757 KB downloads

Cologne Wallpaper 38
Fun wallpaper. With the leaning tower of Pisa... really the real leaning tower ? No, it's one of the two towers of the Cologne cathedral

JPG Upload 08/31/12
1280x10241.087 KB downloads
1366x768819 KB downloads

And here special wallpaper for all FC fans out there ....:

1. FC Köln Wallpaper 1
The 1. FC Köln wallpaper displaying the club logo. Created by my friend . Gerry just has created a new 1280x1024 version

JPG Upload 01/23/05
1280x1024157 KB downloads

1. FC Köln Wallpaper 2
The stadium RheinEnergieStadion, home of the 1. FC Köln.

JPG Upload 07/30/06
1280x10241.190 KB downloads
1024x768652 KB downloads
800x600395 KB downloads

Don't forget to download the right animated cursors for this wallpaper:
1. FC Köln animated cursors
94 KB | 05/10/03 | downloads
fc koeln-cursorand more

all wallpaper pictures and cursors © Dierk

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Now you have a cool wallpaper on your desktop. But the background color of the icon description doesn't look very good. With the following tool you can make the icon background transparent:
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Change wallpaper automatically
There's a free tool for Win XP from Microsoft, the Windows XP Creativity Fun Pack PowerToys Wallpaper Changer

Install wallpaper
Extract the image file and copy it to your choice of folder. Choose "Start / Settings / Control Panel / Display" and click on the "Background" tab. Select a wallpaper in the folder where you have stored it. Finally press "Apply" to install the wallpaper.

Win95 and 2000 don't support *.jpg wallpaper files, they only work with *.bmp-files (Bitmap). Here you have to open the *.jpg file with your favourite image editor (it works with the windows built in program "Paint" too) and save the image as *.bmp file.

Other sites with Cologne wallpaper
On the City-Skylines website you will find several nice free wallpaper displaying Cologne and many other cities worldwide

On Michael Keil's website there are several computer graphics displaying the RheinEnergie-Stadion Köln you can use as wallpaper

On the KEC-website you will find wallpaper about the cologne ice hockey club KEC

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