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Wecke Dierk auf ! Deutsche Version
Mehr Ideen, wie man Dierk aufwecken kann
Füge Deine Aufweck-Methode hinzu

The guy from Sprockets comes up to you and asks you to touch his monkey... and you can't resist. (Do you want to touch my monkey?)

deborah and smiley
Homepage: smileypower

Have Abe from Oddworld posses him and make him continually run into a wall until he wakes up.

Homepage: none

shove creepy crawlies down his shirt. always wakes me up! he he he :Þ

Homepage: -

I think that he should be woken up with me between his legs and ........ I will leave that to his imagination!

Homepage: -

Why should I wake him up? A silly thing to do, I even don't know whether he's a monster or not... .

cahyadi indrananto
Homepage: here

I think that Dierk should be woken up by the sound of Michael Jackson screaming after he finds out that his nose grew back.

Homepage: -

Bestelle bei Quelle bis der Arzt kommt und warte bis der nette Herr vom Amtsgericht mit dem Vollstreckungsbescheid da ist. Oder bestelle gleich auf Dierk´s Kreditkarte. Die Jungs kriegen jeden wach. In der Beugehaft gibt es dann noch viel bessere Methoden...wenn man die Seife fallen läßt.

Homepage: here

Pay Pamela and Tommy Lee to do another porno flick, this time in front of this live cam, in Dierk's lap. It might not wake him up at the time, but it would make his site (apart from being a highly claimed cursor site) a highly claimed porn site. And I doubt he would dare sleeping in that chair again. Off course, he would have to consider renaming the site into Richard's (Dick's) page... But you never know. There could be some money in there.

Homepage: -

Volcano induced EARTH QUAKE which causes the ceiling to fall in and then the Walls fall around him causing his compute to Explode all around him with Fire Sprinklers and alarms ringing and ringing until he wakes up to shut them off only to have them go off again when the HOT LAVA envelopes his legs.

James W. Spinks
Homepage: -

Ich schicke meine Oma vorbei und lasse sie direkt neben Dirk´s Ohr einen Heino-Song schmettern.....

Homepage: -

I would have 4 young kittens (as you know, they have very sharp claws) climb up his legs. No threat, nothing sick... that would be enough to wake him.

Homepage: -

Der wird schon wach, wenn er meinen Namen genau liest...lol

Fee Latio
Homepage: -

Die Dorgs wollen ihn Assimilieren

demora ikaragi
Homepage: -

Dierk is awakened when a small - but dense - blue heeler bitch named Bindu jumps into his lap and licks his nose!

mush & dharmaja
Homepage: Mush

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