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Wake up Dierk ! Deutsche Version
More ideas how to wake up Dierk
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I would have a cat decide that Dierk's head would make a wonderful landing zone!

ralph hlavacek
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(-) Leave him to wake up by hymself!! When he wants to.

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Weeeellll... He looks so cute sleeping. Maybe I'd just give him a sweet, gentle nudge and see if that worked. If not, I'd probably stand across the room and throw a shoe at him...you never know what kind of a mood he'll be in when he wakes up...

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I'd shove a live wire up us butt then I'd get Jenny macarthy to sit on his burning lap and let derik enjoy the burning crotch sensation

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I'd draw a dart board on his face and try to get a bullseye till he woke up.

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I would tickle you..... If I used a feather, it would be exotic.... but... if I used the whole chicken, that would be kinky!!!!

Donita Marie
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I would take my fingers and softly and gently trace small circles up and down your neck and chest.  At the same time I would be gently and passionately kissing your ears and sweet lips and chest until you awakened and then we could proceed from there.

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Tell him his favorite collection was stolen.

flower girl
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Ich lasse meinen liebestollen Papagei durch Dein gekipptes Fenster hinein und lasse ihn machen.....

Falls  Du nicht reagieren solltest, wird er schon mit ein paar zarten( oder nicht ) Schnäbeleien dafür sorgen, das Du wach wirst!!!!!!!!

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Dierk, I'd come up behind you and slap your ears at the same time! Then, I'd let my hands suction to your ears, and when i remove them, your ears'll go POP!!!

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Send in a marching band, that was anouncing that a group of rampant virgins was approaching

Mickhala Jackson
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I would slip naked into his bed with him and wake him up with a big wet kiss.

Matt Ballweg
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better to kick ur ass to wake u up... hehehehehe just kidding!!! i wanted to talk to u and its so nice webpage. i like this one...

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