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Special - tank duel, the area Deutsche Version

Aerial picture showing the battle area. Tank positions are yellow points, red point the tunnel Trankgasse, from where the Panther probably had shot. Blue arrows the positions of the cameramen.


Another aerial picture with displayed positions of tanks, tunnel and cameramen as seen in first picture.


View from the cathedral onto the combat place, photomontage of three single pictures. Same picture in larger size here. Area in front of building where Pershing was located in parts not clear because no war-picture available.
The same view from the cathdral today (2009)


Excerpt from an land register plan showing the area at this time. Yellow house is the "Haus der Deutschen Arbeitsfront" ( HQ German Labour Front), where cameraman Bates stood and where he took the famous tank duel movie.


Link to Google maps aerial view:
Google aerial view


Important distances:
Pershing / Panther: 110 m / 360 ft.
Panther / Sherman:
120 m / 395 ft.
Tunnel Trankgasse / Sherman: 340 m / 1.115 ft.
Tunnel Trankgasse / Panther: 220 m / 720 ft.
House of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront / Panther   120 m / 395 ft.

Tank duel at the cathedral

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