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Link to tank duel page Tank duel
Pictures / information about the famous tank duel at the Cologne cathedral on March 6, 1945
Link to then and now page Then and Now
Cologne then and now page. Watch this fantastic time travel with many photomontages ...
Link to Katharina Esser page Katharina Esser
The death of Katharina Esser - On March 06, 1945 overrun by a tank ?
Link to E Company advance in color E Company
The advance of E Company in Cologne on March 06, 1945 in colored pictures
Link to duel only fake ? page Duel only fake ?
Is the famous tank duel at the cathedral shown in the film only a reenactment ?
Link to Cologne at war page Cologne at war
Old photos showing the destroyed city of Cologne

Link to cursor page Animated cursors
Cursors created by Dierk

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