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The interior of a Panther Deutsche Version

The following pictures are courtesy of Marco Seehase, owner of the German webpage Militär Fotos.


This pictures show a mark V tank ("Panther") Ausf. A standing in Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster. The Panther at the cologne cathedral was the same version.


Panther in Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster.


Turret hatch backwards, this hatch was used for loading the tank ammunition and it was the loaders hatch.


View through this turret hatch into the tank.


View from the commanders position into the tank. At the bottom of the picture the commander's chair. In additon we see the gunner's chair and at the right side the loaders position.


The radio operator place.


Once again radio operator hatch and place.


The driver hatch.


The turret hatch.


Here the first shell had hit the Panther at the cathedral.


View from the gunner's position.


The 1 × 7,92-mm-MG 34 at the bow.


            The driver place.


The driver place (2).


Video popup:
Youtube video, the interior of a Panther V video sequences by Marco Seehase, video running on youtube server.

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